Enhancing Brain Power

Enhancing Brain Power through Mind Puzzles



You see mind puzzles and brainteasers everywhere: in newspapers, on the Internet and even on radios and television sets. If you like something to do in your free time, pick up a magazine and answer the crossword puzzle. Stimulate your brain and see what good it can bring you. Just to give you a preview of what you can achieve if you do mind puzzles, read the list below.


1. Mind puzzles enhance your reasoning ability. As you answer your favorite cryptogram, watch yourself as you reason out which letter corresponds with which. With a mind puzzle, you are sure to practice and enhance your instinctive ability to reason.


2. Mind puzzles teach you the process of deduction. Deduction is the process of eliminating the most unlikely events and coming up with the list of the most likely ones. Deduction is used more in games like analogy.


3. It brushes up your logical skills. With a mind puzzle, you are sure to be in touch with your logical powers and your ability to draw sound and valid conclusions. A mind puzzle may seem to be just a game but it tickles your mind and opens your senses.


4. Mind puzzles give you mental stability. With the right amount of puzzles a day, you are sure to acquire the right mental skills. And if they are mixed in the proper blend, the result is a good, stable mindset.


5. Mind puzzles add more to your knowledge. Mind puzzles are good sources of information too. Take the good old crossword puzzle as an example. You are sure to gain lots of new information as you move along answering it.


6. Mind puzzles are can be exciting too. I suppose you have played a timed mind puzzle game at least once. Timed mind games add to the fun of completing the puzzle especially if you are playing with friends.


7. Mind puzzles promote fast thinking. If you solve a mind puzzle even once in a day, soon enough you will begin to feel that you are able to think faster and more accurately. This is one of the many advantages of a mind puzzle.


8. Mind puzzles provide a ground to improve problem-solving skills. Your mind is so powerful that it can lead you towards the solution of any problem. The main idea here is that you will be able to make hard decisions and life’s many problems will seem easier for you.


Mind puzzles are good instruments to make you think better and smarter; they are not simply games. You can gain many benefits from working these on a regular basis.