Enhancing Creativity and Welcoming Change

Enhancing Creativity and Welcoming Change



Creativity is level of excellence associated with the ability to yield original works and ideas in any field. It is the power to build, produce, and construct extraordinary ideas fuelled by one's imagination and resourcefulness. It has served a very important role in human civilization and has always been present in the heart and mind of every person. Being innate, creativity is something that only needs to be awakened to surface.


Learning how to defeat the hurdles that block creativity is not a tough thing to do. There are pretty basic ways to be more creative. But before you start racking your brain, first identify the barriers that you might meet along the way, so you can somehow be prepared for them.


Knowing the Potential Hurdles


Identifying the obstacles will make the task a lot easier to handle. While there are some of us whose creativity is easy to stir, there are those who needed a deeper prodding. Some of these obstacles include the inadequacy of time, the fear of prejudice, a lack of self-esteem, and fear of failure.


Dealing with time is not actually a big problem. Tickling your imagination to work only takes a while if you will it. The fear of tendentiousness is more considered to be normal. A little confidence and a sense of self-worth answers this problem.


In doing something creative, go beyond the rim of all the things that have always been familiar to you. Muster up the courage to get out of your comfort zone for a while. When you feel uncomfortable with what you just did, just continue doing it. A little tension in unfamiliar territory is normal, and, often, it is this very nervousness that will push your creative juices into action. Welcome change from time to time.


Remember that creativity is not only for people with superior intellect. The need to be an expert is not necessary. The products of your creativity may display themselves in many ways and might not always be tangible. If doubt comes and hinders your ability to be creative, remind yourself everything that you have been doing is a part of your imagination and a part of you.


Once you have already dealt with these issues, you may now start to try some ways to definitely enhance your creativity.


Bringing In Some Backup


There are many interventions you can adopt. Begin with the right frame of mind. Probe into the field you're interested in and explore everything that triggers your imagination. The next thing you need to do is to nourish your dreams. Focus on your experiences and do not dismiss the small details. Don't waste what you may already been discovering by ignoring it. Ask yourself the following questions: "What if?", "What else?" and "How else?"


Remember that being creative is like dreaming consciously. Through it, you are able to manipulate your thoughts.


The secret to creativity is the knowledge that it is exactly the opposite of consideration. Considering our thoughts means creativity is trimmed and even stopped. Do not limit your ideas and remember that thinking is not just for artistic and writing professions, and for people who are highly-intellectual -- it is for everybody and anybody.


Authentic creativity does not exist. No individual can create life. All we do is to remake and rearrange things around us. If you want enhance your creativity, do not wait for an inspiration and start exploring. Creativity is not all about creation; it’s all about reorganization. Think ingeniously, brainstorm, and try to practice tickling your imagination.