Enjoy Life More Embrace Change

Enjoy Life More – Embrace Change



Do you feel that your life is starting to stagnate into a boring routine? Well before you get depressed, break away from that cycle! Do something to get the adrenalin pounding through your veins again. The easiest way is to make simple changes, here’s how:


  • Same end, different means – drive a different route to work, take a walk during lunch time instead of going to war with your paperwork again, read suspense novels instead of your usual genre, etc. The end result may be the same but doing it another way opens up a new pathway of experience that you may find surprisingly refreshing. You might even find that this new way is better or even easier. Change one thing at a time until you’re totally comfortable with it.


  • Scale down or up – When you put layers of clothing on, it will be impossible for you not to feel the added weight of the textile materials right? The same goes with your life. The more complicated it is the more you have to deal with: different people or situations. If you’re too stressed with the amount of work that entails, scale down. Distribute your responsibilities, learn to delegate and be polite but firm in saying “no” to added work. Now, if you want to move up on the career ladder, start accepting more duties. Again, do only as much as you are able.


  • Change good habits for better ones – If you keep on slugging it out with the Stairmaster every time you go to the gym, sooner or later, you are going to get bored with it. Why not try Pilates or kickboxing or swimming to keep fit? There are a lot of ways to keep fit. Even running around keeping up with your kids’ energy will reduce calories. Speaking of kids, if you take time to help them with schoolwork why don’t you try getting them to join you in other worthwhile activities like sports or hobbies or even volunteer work. The life lessons you’ll both learn will be priceless and the bonding time that will come about is an added bonus too.


  • A change of scenery – Sometimes a simple flower arrangement or a funny cartoon can make a dreary office more cheerful. The eye seeks out and immediately zones in on something that alters their usual image so if you add on a little splash of color to what it usually sees, you’ll definitely get a reaction. Pleasant or not, that change breaks the routine.


Simple changes to simple things make life more enjoyable.