Enjoy Your Birthday

Enjoy Your Birthday



Do you dread your upcoming birthday? Are you one of those people who wish they can skip over the dates and forget about it? Or simply just treat your birthday just like any other day? Well you won’t dread it so much if you view the day more meaningfully than just a day for a party or a day to count grey hair. Here’s how:


  • Celebrate ‘me’ day = Affirm to yourself your good character traits. Acknowledge the triumphs and milestones you’ve done for the past years and see how inter-connected they are with your life. Take time to review what you’ve contributed to the well being of your family, your friends, your job, even what you’ve done for the earth! Don’t say this is selfish. It’s your day and you should take some credit for what you are.


  • Draw up some plans = Call it your revised new year’s resolutions – set up some realistic goals and aim to get all the things accomplished before your next birthday. From simple things like finishing up that overdue painting; to taking up a new sport; to asking that special someone to marry you.


  • Reflect on the challenges you’ve faced = Think about what happened this year that you learned a lot from. It could be some incident at work or with your relationships. It might have been difficult, even painful, during the time it happened but all’s in the past. Whatever it was, catalog the lesson and apply it to your life.  


  • Be thankful = Whatever religious affiliation you have, thank your God for the blessing of another year of life. Remember that you are a unique being and that you have a purpose in this life. Everything in life is by the Higher Spirit’s design and you are important in the Greater Plan. Be thankful for another year of living with your love ones and the chance to see them celebrate their own birthdays too.  Life pass by so fast that your kids can grow up seemingly in the blink of an eye.


  • Lastly, get in touch with your mother = At your first breath, she was there. Her body nurtured you from the onset of life and her hand guided you until you can stand on your own. On your birthday, its only fitting for her to get a ‘thank you’ for loving you as only a mother can. A simple phone call can mean so much to her. If you can, send her flowers too. The blossoms will wilt and fade but your mother will always remember the thought behind it because of you.