Examination Stress

Examination Stress


Exams need not to be stressful. In fact, they can be a lot of fun, especially when you know how to deal with the pressures of school exams. With a little practice and knowledge, it will feel more like a rewarding activity rather than something that causes you a lot of worry, and in time, your marks will help you soar to the top of your class,Here are a couple of tips that can help you raise your marks without having to deal with a lot of stress.


  • Steer clear of stress. Studies have shown that people who are constantly stressed are the ones who feel ill all the time. To reduce stress, create a timetable for your studies and stick to it. Avoid procrastination and complete your work as soon as possible. This will leave you plenty of time to relax and unwind before your examinations. You can also turn to your friends and family for support. Believe it or not, they can have a calming effect on you, making you better able to cope with any academic hurdles you will encounter.


  • Test yourself. You can create a reviewer or even your own exam to get a feel for what the real exam will be like. You can also form study groups or partner up with a classmate so you can review your lessons. This method will help you remember what you have learned and could also be a fun way to study!


  • Use your imagination. You know how you sometimes recall things and events based on the time of the day or your surroundings at that moment? You can employ this method as well while reviewing your lessons. Try to recall certain details about that day’s class—that should help you recall a particular fact or piece of information that was discussed.


  •  Listen to music. Studies have shown that music can have a positive effect on students’ academic skills. The rhythms of certain kinds of music can help improve the performance of the part of your brain controlling creative and rational thought.


  • Summarize your lesson. Jot down only the most important notes, but don’t write down everything your professors say. At the end of your notes, summarize what the lesson was all about, keeping it short and easy to remember.