Family Friends Foes

Family, Friends, Foes and You



In our daily activities, whether we like it or not, we have to deal and interact with different kinds of people having different views in life. More often than not, people have a natural tendency to parallel their actions with respect to how others would perceive their decisions. They have to answer a question that appears unconsciously all the time: “Would these people approve of me or not?”


For the millions of people around the world, views, actions, ideas, beliefs, dreams, and aspirations in life are greatly influenced by family, friends, and foes. Both success and failure depend so much on these three types of people who are too indispensable to be simply overlooked at.


Now, what do family and friends have in common? They are the ones who love us in ways more than we can ever imagine. They are the ones who know our faults and weaknesses; and despite of them all, they are still willing to wage a good fight for our cause and maintain good relationships.


Let’s now talk about our adversaries. To most people, they are the annoying, incomprehensible, narrow-minded and envious human beings that are destined to self-destruction and provocation of anger, in one way or another. That may not always be the case though. Nevertheless, have you ever tried looking beyond those scornful faces and wicked-looking eyes?


Did you know that you could actually make use of your enemies? Some of us fail to entertain this idea. The adversary, with his ill ways, may even be your encouragement to pursue the task of conquering a high mountain that you are afraid to face before. Your enemies or rivals are enough reasons to prove your worth and to attest that they are wrong with what they think of you.


Moreover, foes can serve as mirror of your faults. In lieu of being exposed in the daylight, you may want to level your mind and be courageous enough to reflect on yourself carefully to make the necessary improvements.


Alertness and vigilance are fostered when you know that your foe is just around the corner waiting for you to make the slightest mistake. Therefore, this can result to more calculated acts and less blunders. Fortunate are the people with loving families and supportive groups of friends. However, luckier are those who see blessings and opportunities in disguise amidst the cynicism of their foes.


So the next time someone throws mockery at you, look at it as a challenge - a good way to test your strength as a person, your mood, and your disposition. Sarcasm can be malicious and can ruin your reputation. On the other hand, it can be seen as a positive factor; for it can confirm the strength of your character.