Fear Is What You Make Of It

Fear is What You Make of It


Fear has been with man since he discovered the use of his imagination. It has become so much a reality to him that at times, it controls much of his life. One of the oldest world records, the Bible, tells of its origin. Since man preferred to eat fruit from the tree of knowledge rather than from the tree of life, negative fear entered him. The tree of life gave him positive fear. The Bible account shows clearly that the serpent attacked man’s imagination when it urged him to eat the tree of knowledge.


Fear can only exist as long as your imagination lets it so. It is like a blank paper and a pen. As long as you keep drawing your fears on the paper, there it stays. Some people even apply color to the drawing so that it becomes so real to them. You can always choose to get rid of negative fears and enjoy positive fears.


People think that what they see in the physical world is reality. Well, the truth is, everything in it are temporary and false. They barely represent what reality is. Reality is found between lines of what the world reveals to us. You have to look deeper to see reality. Here is where imagination comes in.


Thus, what we see in the world as fearsome is often nothing but illusion. It comes to us by an overwhelming experience that impresses us deeply, and we choose to live by this impression. Soon, as we accumulate more of this misinformation, we form a false world we call the “real” world. This is when we are more “deceived.”


However, the real tragedy here is that we do not really see ourselves as deceived — we maintain we are being realistic. Hence, if somebody says he can squarely face his fear of ghosts, darkness, death, danger, and other common fears, we think he is being unrealistic. We have accepted wholeheartedly that such things horrify us naturally.


Real freedom is not being free from the discipline of parents, law, and authorities. It is freedom from lies. Lies breed fears. To disarm fears, we must dispel lies. To dispel lies, we must not only believe the truth — but we must live by it.


Now, how do we know the truth? Anything that makes us more humble and gentle, yet firmly moral and virtuous, is truth. This will set us free from negative fears.