Fifteen Tips on Effective Time Management

Fifteen Tips on Effective Time Management



Are you having problems managing time? Are you finding it difficult to be more effective at work?


Here are useful tips that you can consider to save up on your time and be more efficient in work:


1. List down the things you need to do.  

Avoid the mistake of memorizing things you need to do. An efficient way of getting yourself organized to jot down all the tasks you need to accomplish.


2. Determine the most important task.

Find out which task is more important to you. This will help you focus on the most important project.


3. Establish a weekly schedule 

Take some time to schedule your weekly tasks. Find out the priority tasks. By doing this, you can boost your productivity.


4. Avoid overloading yourself with too many tasks 

At times, many people find themselves overloaded with too much tasks. Figure out when to accept or reject simple requests and you will have enough time to do the more important job.


5. Evaluate all your actions 

Pause for a while and reflect on a course of action before accepting a new task. This will be very helpful in keeping you from overloading yourself with too much responsibility.


6. Evaluate your time management skills

In most cases, it is always advisable to review your time management skills. It may be best to refrain from doing a task that is only wasting your time so that you could concentrate on the more important tasks.


7. Be systematic in managing your time

Having a system in managing your time is very helpful in monitoring tasks, prioritizing work, and effectively accomplishing a goal. An efficient time management system is like a glue that binds all your activities together.


8. Point out and eradicate bad habits 

Identify the bad habits that are constantly killing your time, interfering with your plan, and hindering your path to success. When you have done so, exert an effort in removing them from your system one by one. Bear in mind that the most convenient method of removal is by replacing it with a better attitude.


9. Refrain from doing the job of other people

Doing the job of another person may consume some time that you cannot afford to loose. Practice efficient delegation so that you can concentrate on your own tasks.


10. Monitor your progress

Keep a journal of your goals and jot down how you are doing for each goal. Consult the journal to determine if you are doing just fine.


11. Realize that perfect is not always the best

Point out the tasks requiring your best effort and those that needs to be just accomplished. For instance, sending an e-mail to a colleague need not take a lot of time.


12. Avoid doing jobs that acts as “filler” to other tasks

Avoid doing jobs that only serves to fill other tasks. Tasks like filing or organizing your drawer can be done after you have done urgent matters.


Consider these tips and you will be on your way to having productive and efficient time management skills.