Fighting Shyness on the First Day of Class

Fighting Shyness on the First Day of Class



First days always have that power to make you nervous. You worry about making the right impression. You worry about giving your classmates and future peers an appropriate image, or at least one that you want them to perceive of you. You worry about your performance when it is time for you to introduce yourself. To sum it all up, you just have a lot to worry about.


Usually, bad things happen on the first day of class. You think of it as a curse; as bad karma due to something that you have done on the first day of class the year before. Never mind how much you have prepared your things or how much you have rehearsed what to say to your newly found friends, disaster always knows its way.


The result? You decide to just keep your mouth shut and let destiny take it course. You end up not making the first move towards a new friendship. You end up not raising your hand when it is time for the class to recite. Conclusively, you end up being shy.


Being shy is not completely a bad thing. But it can serve as a limitation for you in your performance. You will not get that many friends, not as you hoped. Your teachers will not give you high marks because the times you participate in class can be indicated in number in just one hand. Shyness does not make the most out of what you can be. You have to fight it.


On the first day, you have to have that positive aura. Put a smile on your face as you walk the school's halls. It not only makes you look confident, but it establishes your mark in that school. A smile on the first day of class makes others perceive of you as someone who is strong-willed, and someone they can't bully.


Once in your room, on your seat, initiate conversation. Talk to your classmates or your seatmates. Ask them their names and all the basic information you usually need for a new friendly relationship to begin. Conversations will make you bolder, especially ones with people whom you have just met. They make you look like you are so easy to talk to; and eventually, you will have friends calling your house asking for you.


When your teachers ask you to participate, do so without hesitation. Answer your teachers' questions with a confident voice, though not booming. It makes you look smart; and not for long, you will have your classmates, even that guy or girl you have been crushing on, asking for your help for an assignment.


Fighting shyness will not only make your first day of class a memorable one, but it will also be a stepping-stone to your becoming a better person. It will not make people scared of you but it will, at least, make them think twice about bullying you around.