Find Beauty Within

How to Find the Beauty Within


Wide eyes, pouting lips, smooth skin, shiny hair, white complexion – all of these have become the standards for beauty.  

Media has bombarded us with images of supermodels and has attempted to define real beauty for us.  Because of this non-stop bombardment, we often forget that each one of us is endowed with our own sense of beauty.  

Your task is to find the beauty within.  How do you find it?

Beat stress. Avoid sleeping late to prevent the growth of eye bags and premature skin aging. Observe efficient management of your time. Do not accept tasks that you cannot accomplish in the first place.  Learn to beg off and say “No.”

Make realistic schedules and provide allowance for rest time. Indulge in weekly sabbaticals to energize yourself.  Leave your weekends free to be able to recharge and prepare for the following week. Also, avoid worrying about minor or trivial things that do not concern you. Maintain a healthy dose of humor and laugh all the time, since it helps you cope up with troubles.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drink lots of water to speed up the process of cleansing and detoxification. Replace the body liquid that you lose when you perspire. Minimize your intake of fats and exercise daily. Do strenuous physical exercise to release sweat, which is a form of disposing body waste. Ensure regular bowel movement and urination for the same purpose.

Drink fruit juices and milk, which are rich in vitamins that maintain the youthful glow and clarity of skin. Fresh is always the best.  However, if this is unavailable, head to the vitamin counter for supplements.  Enjoy quiet moments and practice meditation to keep you centered.

Express your authentic self. If you’re a woman, express your real beauty by wearing less makeup. Expensive cosmetic products are simply a mixture of chemicals prepared for external use to condition and beautify the body. For example, pressed powder is often talc-based and composed of magnesium silicate and zinc oxide. Lacquers are the main ingredients of the nail polish, while synthetic detergents form the basic elements of shampoo. Hence, it is never advisable to use or apply them heavily.

Beauty is a major industry. Breakthroughs in technology resulted in light-diffusing make-up, making people look good physically and in photos as well. The trend nowadays is the “no make-up look” which goes for the natural, fresh, and unmade up appearance.  It makes one look younger and more importantly, makes the whole gamut of applying make-up look effortless and easy. Technology boosted this trend by coming up with products that allowed people to have that inner glow and radiance 24 hours a day.

Consider your lifestyle in deciding the beauty products to use. If your job entails fieldwork, you need sun block and products with oil and sweat control.  If it entails manual labor, stick to deodorizing soaps and products with antibacterial properties. Meanwhile, if you are an office worker holed up in an air-conditioned office for many hours, you will probably need bath soaps with a lot of moisturizing ingredients. Use lotion or oils to keep the skin soft and smooth.

Pamper yourself once in a while. Pamper yourself occasionally, but it does not mean you have to dig deep into your pockets and shell out hard-earned money. You may even do it yourself, or at least, with the help of people at your house. Apply warm coconut oil onto your hair and cover with plastic hair wrap. For the skin, use virgin coconut oil and find someone who can massage well.

Bathe daily. Nothing energizes you more than a quick shower in the morning. Water has therapeutic properties. A soak in the tub or warm bath at the end of the day relaxes your nerves. In addition, it removes the dirt accumulated in your hair and skin. Wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, rinse, and apply conditioner. For the skin, use clinically tested soaps or better yet, organic or natural soaps.

Go ahead and indulge! Enjoy life to the fullest and discover the beauty within!