Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness



There are many ironic things in this world. A businessperson who has everything in the world may not be happy. On the contrary, a mother who does not own anything, does not have any business, and just depends on her husband’s income might be happy.


A person who is able to get a manager position might still be unhappy and he may apply again for a higher position. However, a secretary whose pay is just enough for her family’s cost might be happy and love her job.


As a human, everyone has a choice. It is a privilege that is entitled to every person. One of the choices that are very important to choose is being happy. Yes, it is a choice!


Research studies have proven that attaining awareness would lead to happiness. Being aware of the things that you like, and knowing your priorities and goals, are factors that can make you happy. A person who does not know what he wants in life may not be very happy.


Here are some tips on finding happiness:


1. Appreciate Blessings. Being aware of the importance of things within an individual’s life plays an important part in becoming happy. An example is thinking that having a car is a blessing. It is important because it can give a sense of freedom on time at work. There is no need to worry for missing the service bus and wait for hours to ride a public bus.


2. Do some repainting at home. Shades of orange and yellow brings an aura of happiness as compared to dark shades of blue.


3. Be appreciative. Appreciating everything that is in life can bring contentment. Attaining contentment is happiness.


4. Write a self-improvement list. Make sure that the things that are on the list will give satisfaction within.


5. Be positive. Remember that good habits attract good things.


6. Listing down the things that trigger bad mood is a good habit. This way, things that might come on the way that can trigger bad mood can be reversed.


7. Find someone to talk to. Release bad feelings. A trusted friend can help release your bad feelings by sharing those bad feelings with him.


8. Try to eat something when feeling bad. Sometimes, being satisfied with the food you eat helps in releasing stress and bad mood.


9. Do not worry about outcomes. Stressing yourself in doing something that is not there usually drives the feeling of being anxious and depress.


10. Be motivated. Motivating yourself to think positively will result to being happy.


11. Be with friends. Being with friends will help in reducing your stress and provides interaction with others.


12. Write essays. This good therapy could release negative moods. It can also relief stress.


13. Go outing. Taking your family to the beach every weekend and playing beach volleyball will help in getting the right mood and having a good start in life.


A person who knows how to appreciate the things that surround him finds greater meaning and purpose in life, which leads to true happiness.


Pleasurable things need not to be expensive. Sometimes, the more expensive things are, the more they loose their value to bring happiness. Material things usually have limited contribution on a person’s happiness.