Five Tips to Coping with Changes in Your Life

Five Tips to Coping with Changes in Your Life



We all experience some form of change in our lives. This is most evident in the development and growth we undergo from infancy to adulthood, when we started out in this world unable to walk or talk and now reading this article from a computer at work or a fancy laptop at a local coffee shop, while waiting for a meeting to commence.


However, while there are changes that come naturally and are, therefore, inevitable, there are those sorts of changes that seem to derail us from the "plans" we have set for ourselves. Not all change is good – that's a fact. Some changes are empowering, but some are also depressing. When the latter happens, most of us just tend to raise our hands in defeat and give up.


However, we shouldn't wave the white flag at challenges so easily. Are you familiar with the sayings,"what does not kill you only makes you stronger," or "we aren't given what we can't bear"? These apply here now. While change is constant and cannot be prevented, we can all find ways to regulate our responses to it, if only to keep our sanity intact.


Here are five suggestions to coping with life changes smoothly.


1. Accept that change is inevitable.


The first step to coping with change is acknowledging that it exists and that it is there. Running away from it and pretending it doesn't exist will only make matters worse. For instance, if all of a sudden the surrogate mom you've been talking to for the past months now backed out and decided not to go through with your deal, it doesn't do well to lock yourself up in your bedroom and cry for a week. Try to resolve the issue with the other person and discuss, calmly, the reasons for the change of heart.


2. There are many paths to choose from.


If things do not go your way and deviate from your plan, try another way. There are many alternatives if only you become more open to them. When you set a plan, always realize that many things can happen along the way, and that you don't always win. Have a plan B, plan C, plan D, and so forth. Or, even if you don't have contingency plans, acknowledge that you have many other options besides the one you already set your mind into.


3. Keep a positive attitude.


Sure, change is not always good. However, you can try to make it less painful and stressful by looking at the brighter side of things. So your date cancelled at the last minute? No sweat. At least, now, you have some time to spend with your family or get to enjoy some alone time. Go get a massage or treat yourself to a nice book and a café mocha. Sometimes, when bad changes happen, it is usually to open doors for a new and better event to come in.


4. You are not alone.


Everyone experiences change. Thus, you should not single yourself out and play hermit. Go out and talk with friends. Enjoy your time. Laugh at the challenges together.


5. Welcome it with open arms.


Again, when God closes a door, He opens a window. See the change as an opportunity to be introduced to new things and a chance to make improvements in your life. This is the time to tinker with the things you might have overlooked with your original plan. Savor the moment and smile.