Are You A Flexecutive?



Today’s world brings exciting changes and the new scenario reveals the need for special leadership skills. Leadership skill is one thing that people will forever have a need for.


For one thing, outstanding leadership favorably influences the success of any organization or business. Challenges that require courageous leadership decisions push global businesses to greater heights. The people responsible for managing these companies will require more outstanding leadership qualities than any time in history.


Indeed, flexible leadership is more vital than ever. The emerging global scenario requires a flexible executive who has the foresight and vision, the capacity to execute and initiate action plans, but with flexibility and agility to respond to changing trends.


So, how do you know if you are a flexecutive? Here are the eight basic traits of such type of leadership:


  • Intensely Focused On The Vision

Great leaders have one thing in common. They have big dreams. Dreams are important elements in creating the future. They combine their ideas, ideals, and dreams to form their goals that help create their vision.


  • Able To Respond To Changes and Take Calculated Risks

Outstanding leaders embrace change and enjoy the variety of challenges that accompany it. They believe that the only thing that is permanent is change.


Every anticipated change in the global arena will cause a decision for change within an organization. With every decision that creates change, there is a corresponding risk. One outstanding trait of a flexecutive is the ability to make sound decisions without the fear of failure.


  • Resilient To Bounce Back

Mistakes happen even with the best plans and precautions. Great leaders look at their mistakes as a learning tool and move on.


  • Able To Motivate Followers

People cannot be motivated to do anything they do not want to do. Outstanding leaders inspire and motivate; they never intimidate their followers. They create an environment that inspires people to help others successfully achieve the common objectives. They teach others leadership skills.


  • Inspiring And Communicates Well

Leaders know exactly how to convey their vision and expectations to their employees. Their employees know exactly what the company stands for and what it is attempting to achieve.


  • Skillful In Formulating Strategies And Tactics

The leaders of the future will have to excel in positioning their companies to take advantage of current and projected trends.


  • Compassionate And Leads With The Heart

Many people think of them as tough in making decisions and ruthless in taking action, especially in the context of downsizing. Leaders must be tough in the defense of the company’s standards and specifications, but must also have the courage to be ethical and compassionate.


  • Humble

Successful leaders temper their pride with humility. They are proud of their achievements, but they never forget that without the people behind them, they will never make it alone. They recognize the need for a team to join them in the journey.


The world needs more of great leaders and flexecutives. Are you up for the challenge?