Faith means to believe. In fact, the Bible says that faith is the evidence of things unseen. By using that definition, you can know that you don’t even have to see it to believe it. If you have a place you see yourself, but you’re not there yet, believe without a shadow of a doubt that you will reach that place, and you will. It’s called faith. But you must have unwaivering faith that you will achieve it. Do not get discouraged because it’s not happening fast enough. Faith = Believe and belief comes with hard core focus. Do not lose site of the goal.



To become successful – whatever that means to you – there is a universal principle that must be adopted in almost every area of your life. That principle can be called openness. Open to what? Good question. To everything really. That means being open to points of views that you would not necessarily agree with. That means being open to deals that may not seem attractive at first. You have to be open to:

  • letting go

  • embracing

  • loving

  • meeting new people

  • disappointment

  • success

  • stretching

  • loyalty

  • loss


The point is, being open to everything is crucial. Expect no surprises. That way, when you ARE surprised, you’ll be able and more prepared to deal with it – good or bad.



While on the journey of success – and it is a journey – you’ve got to learn to celebrate. Celebrate your successes. That’s easy! Also, celebrate your trials, frustrations and trips ups. Why? You’re learning. Now, admittedly, celebrating during this process is a bit more difficult. It’s not natural to celebrate in any kind of negative mood.


But you could look at it as a silver lining. Even though you’re going through a particular frustration, you can always find comfort in the fact that you’ll have more information when dealing with a similar situation in the future. Focus on the future and the fact that you have more ammunition for success now.



Understand that focus is essential to getting what you want. How many times have you started an exercise program but never finished? How many times have you started a diet but never followed through? How many New Year’s resolutions have you set? How many have you completed?


Understanding focus is one of the main keys to success is a huge mindset to anchor. If you really understand it, you know that just the ‘knowing’ is not enough. Focus is a verb. And for it to effective means you have to – well. . . focus.


Focus means to cultivate a laser beam attention to the task at hand. Distractions can not enter and anything that will keep you from accomplishing your goal does not exist.


Understand that and you understand the essence of focus.



Faith, Openness, Celebration and Understanding leads to Success. Once you’ve experienced success, don’t take it for granted. If you take it for granted, chances are you have no idea how you achieved the goal you were after.


Take a look back on your path up to your success and I bet you’ll find most of these points of achievement above.


Here’s to your success!