Free Yourself From Fears

Free Yourself from Your Fears



Are you afraid of something? Is there one thing that grips you and causes your knees to shake?  If so, you may have a phobia--an abnormal fear of something. Fear is bad enough, but phobias are much worse.


Phobias are considered abnormal because they are fears that are developed out of a perfectly normal situation. For example, acrophobia is the fear of heights. Not everyone fears heights, and heights are a normal thing. Tall buildings are being constructed. High mountains are being explored. It is not normal to fear these situations.


Why do people develop phobias? There are lots of reasons. The better question is, “How can I overcome my phobia?” Here are some helpful suggestions:


1. Determine the real cause of your fear. Rationalize the whole thing. If you can, make a list of everything that you feel about this fear. List what you fear the most and why you fear it. That way, you will be able to shed light on the very thing that makes you shiver. A solution will then be easier to find.


2. Test your fear. Evaluate the level of your fear. Determine at what certain point you feel that fear. Is it at first contact? Is it when you are nearing the object? Once you know this information, you can start training yourself not to fear the object.


3. Gradually come to terms with your fear. Slowly but surely, try to become more comfortable with the very thing that you fear. If you are afraid of heights, try to climb the stairs in a tall building and look out the window on each floor. If you feel afraid, stop. Try again at another time. Continue to do this until you have reached the topmost floor without feeling the fear anymore.


4. Control your mind. Fear exists only in the mind. It is just a matter of removing it from there. You have to concentrate and believe that you can overcome your fear. Then, watch your body follow.


5. Get professional help. If you have tried these methods and none have seemed to work, you might need the help of an expert psychologist. These people have spent years helping people overcome every fear they’ve got. They are willing to help you too.


You can conquer your fears, but you have to take action. The motivation should come from within you and it will involve the work of your mind and your body in one coordinated motion.