From Worrier To Warrior

How To Turn Yourself From A Worrier To A Warrior



Are you constantly worried?


By definition, a worrier is a person whose state of mind is uneasy or in a state of anxiety. Something keeps the person’s mind disturbed, annoyed, or bothered. If you are a worrier, a major problem is most likely causing your uneasiness.


However, if you fret about mere speculation, hearsay, or unsubstantiated information, you may have to check yourself. This is especially true if these baseless worries produce unpleasant results and only serve to reinforce a troubled mind. This condition needs to be controlled and corrected.


Worrying can be corrected if you find means to counteract it by transforming yourself from a worrier to a warrior. Reduce to controllable levels the worries you have in your mind by trying out some of the following techniques:


  • Develop a strong resolve to overcome the worry attitude. You did not become a worrywart overnight. You acquired it over time. The first step in blasting the worrywart is to have the determination to overcome it NOW. Have the strength and resolve to take the first step in expelling it out of your system so it will not affect your everyday activities. Free yourself from the chains of this malaise now.


  • Evaluate your worries and identify similarities among these things. When you evaluate, look at the problem on a wide perspective. Do these have a common origin?  If so, fashion out a common solution. This way, you address worries on a wholesale basis.


Part of self-evaluation is asking yourself if all your worries are worth it. Do not forget to consider the harm these bring to your health. Worrying makes a person age faster. It also affects the autonomic nervous system, which could be a trigger in the development of organ diseases.


  • Plan how you will deal with the issues that cause your worries. Make a list of possible solutions and start on the ones that you think will work best for you. Incorporate this plan in your daily activities.


  • Strive to live in the present. Forget the past. The past is done and nothing can be done to alter it. Use past experience to the fullest by drawing constructive lessons that you can adapt in the present and in the future.


Worry less about the future, for it has a way of taking care of itself. However, this does not mean that you disregard planning for the future. Make plans and write goals for the future, but do not attach any worry tags. Bear in mind that a benevolent force helps turn things for the better. Just keep your trust and faith in the wisdom of the Higher Force.


  • Concentrate on becoming a caring person rather than a worrier. Caring and worrying may appear to be similar, but the end result is entirely different. Caring shows concern and emphasizes the good side. Worrying less about a loved doesn’t mean you care less about him. Also, caring stimulates health-giving hormones while worrying depletes them.


  • Share your worries with a friend. This is one of the best therapies in dealing with worries. Sharing with a confidant makes you worry less. Somehow, you feel relief after unloading your worries. Friends who advice and give words of comfort ease the burden of worries.


There you have it. Any of these tools will assist you in developing a better, stronger, and fearless you. You are now all set in your quest to transform yourself from a worrier to a warrior.