Funk Up Your Old Stuff

Funk Up Your Old Stuff!


Since everyone is into austerity nowadays, here are a few tips to glam up your old wardrobe.  As it is, you do not always have to buy new clothes. You simply have to reinvent the old ones and derive fun in doing so!

Long Pants and Denims. Denims never, ever go out of style.  Invest in a good pair of jeans, especially those made of cotton. With a good pair, your jeans will last longer. It will acquire a vintage look, which is the rage these days.

A good pair is resistant to shrinking, wrinkling, and staining. You can always come up with ideas to make it look as good as new. You can customize it by sewing multihued buttons, colorful patches, sequins, cloth scraps, rhinestones, and beads. Threadbare holing, as well as the fading or washout effect courtesy of the bleach, will transform denims into a stylish article of clothing. If you get tired of long pants, you may cut it to mid-calf and it becomes capri.  Cut it little below knee-length and voila! - You have a pedal pusher! Cut it knee-length to become cabanas, or above knee-length to become shorts.

Old Shirt. Because of the comfort it provides, an old shirt may be relied upon for casual outdoor events. Using your shears, necklines may be widened to become boat-type or off-shoulder. Trim the hem in an asymmetrical manner for that instant new look! Cut the longer end in half and tie into a ribbon. Sleeves may be trimmed for the breezy look. Spray-painting some letters will instantly transform it into a street-inspired hit.

Bring new life to an old shirt by using the same techniques for denim styling. You can sew and attach cloth fabrics or patches, beads, and stones, and then bleach it. If your shirt looks worn already, use it as a substitute for sleepwear. And oh, before you finally throw your worn-out shirt, cut it into pieces and sew it on as patches for other shirts for that Boho look.

Cocktail Dress. Cocktail dresses may be reinvented for a new look. For this purpose, you may use shawls and scarves to drape over the shoulder or tie around the waist. Stylish buckle belts may also do the trick. Accessories such as silver chains or gold beads will render the dress ready for any event, be it formal or casual one. Depending on the weather, occasion, or a person’s body shape, tailored jackets or crocheted boleros may be worn over the cocktail dress. It will hide your imperfect figure and keep you warm while enhancing your style.

Accessories. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets may be disassembled and mix-matched for a trendier look. What may have been your great-grandmother’s pearls can be mixed with amethysts or garnets to become a unique and one-of-a kind brooch. You just need long-nosed pliers, some thin wires, soldering iron or metal binders, nylons, and locks to reinvent heirloom or costume-made accessories. Just be creative with color and material combination. Better yet, the beads or stones may be sewn into your old clothes to add oomph to your wardrobe.

Be bold and have fun while experimenting and recreating your clothes!  Extend the life of your wardrobe by updating them.  There can really be no limit to what your old stuff can become when you breathe new life and style on them!