Gain Advantage in the Marketplace

How to Gain Advantage in the Marketplace



In the deepest part of your gut, you know you have a terrific product to offer in the market. So why not just go for it?


It may seem simple enough just to go into the open market and sell your ware. Simple, yes! Easy, no!


The war out there in the marketing battlefield is so competitive and not for the faint-hearted. This practically suggests a survival rate close to zero for the unprepared. Is this scenario going to stop you? The choice is yours.


How do you gauge yourself? Will you survive this or not? Should you push through with your plans? If you decide not to, what are your alternative plans?


If you decide to go for the battle, be sure that you are adequately prepared. Before you join the war, get your gears and bulletproof vest ready!


Increase your survival rate by tapping on your marketing and persuasion skills, and by knowing and taking advantage of the marketplace. The best way to know more about the market is by getting the pulse of the consumers. Here’s how:


  • You are part of the market, since you are also a consumer. So you are aware that the market is a complicated place. There’s just too much products and services around that it is not surprising to find new brands being introduced out every now and then.


With so many products and services, who will have time to check each brand? This situation works in your favor, the marketer. Being a marketer, utilize your persuasive craft. Make simplicity and maximum impact be your focal point. Know that a product that saves time and makes life easier has the best chance of being noticed in a busy marketplace.


  • Persuade your target market by taking your product’s unique selling proposition into the center stage. In the marketing world, they call this USP. Convince the consumer of your product’s values. Make sure the product can deliver what it claims to do.


  • The age old saying “Find a need and fill it” worked before and still does. Find this need and watch your money in the bank grow! Take a hint: people are on the look out for products or services that offer convenience and reliability.


  • Make your price reasonable. Remember, a bulk of the market out there is price conscious.


  • Promote your product or service. A great product is useless if nobody knows about it! Let the market know about your product or service in every possible way.


“To see is to believe” as they say. Let them try your product. Offer incredible bonuses and include money back guarantees. If you are confident with your product, you won’t hesitate to do so. Yes, there might be minor losses involved here, but statistics have it that the gains far outweigh the losses.


  • Most consumers are time pressed. There is never enough time for anybody, any day. So if you can find ways for the market to save precious time, you are actually saving money for them. Be sure to capitalize on this advantage. Make sure you get the message across clearly.


  • Life can sometimes be dull. A product or service that can breathe excitement and a new spin to an old and boring thing can rev up the cash register! Take gasoline, for example. It is marketed as fuel to engines. Now, unleaded gas is marketed as a way to make the earth a better planet to live in.


  • If your product is considered capital equipment, work on a short ROI (return of investment). The marketplace has a calculating mind that thinks in this manner. If your product consumes energy, be energy conscious. If your product has consumables, be cost conscious. Make consumables readily available.


Ultimately, the best persuasion strategy to convince the consumer to buy is to make the product sell itself. This can be done by way of highlighting the benefits it can offer. Do this constantly and equip yourself with persuasion skills. Increase your odds of surviving the battle in the marketplace.