Get Lean on the Go

Get Lean on the Go



“I don’t believe it!”, you gasp incredulously as you tip the scales. An additional seven pounds in one year?  That explains the major belt-tightening moments you experienced when you tried on your favorite denim jeans that you have not worn for a long time.  


You know you should exercise but you just don’t have the faintest idea how to incorporate it in your busy schedule. Getting lean on the go?  Yeah, right!  You doubt if it can be done.  Well, thanks to this helpful article, you can melt those pounds away.  Here are 3 “get lean on the go” tips for the workaholic individual.


  • “Move” inside your cubicle.  If you are talking with someone on the phone, pace the floor.  If you are reading important documents, use the paperweights as dumbbells and develop those biceps and triceps.  Instead of maximizing the rolling wheels beneath your chair to move from one spot to another, get up and walk to stretch those legs. Skip the elevator and use the stairs. If this seems too much for you, try alternating the days between the two. This will surely boost your cause to get lean on the go.    


  • Be creative outside. Park farther away from your building so you can walk, skip or hop to your heart’s content.  Offer to carry someone’s heavy bag from the parking area to your building’s lobby. You can also offer to run errands for your coworkers if you are heading out for a lunch break.  Not only will you lose weight, you will also promote camaraderie and goodwill in your office.


  • Be adventurous.  If you are assigned an out of the country trip or just out on a much-deserved vacation, vanquish your fears and do the unthinkable.  If you are in Mexico, try their spicy sauces to speed up your metabolism.  You can also take a crash course in their famous salsa schools and dance the night away in a fun club.  If you find yourself in Spain, indulge in the dramatic dance of flamenco or join the annual bull run event.  Or, if a tropical paradise is what you want, you can have fun swimming, kayaking, parasailing or diving in different bodies of water.


So what are you waiting for?  Get lean on the go with these smart tips.  Have fun!