Get Rid Of Your Clutter

Get Rid Of Your Clutter


When you were still in your teens, perhaps the most irritating thing your parents told you (aside from “you’re grounded”) is the line “clean your room!”.  As you grew older, you realized that your parents were only trying to help you become an organized person when they ordered you to fix your room.

Having a room that is full of mess and clutter can affect your life in one way or another.  Some people even tend to judge a person’s personality by observing if he or she is neat and clean with his stuffs.

If you are a person whose things are very messy and disorganized, perhaps you have felt at one time or another that your life is starting to be disorganized too!  Well, if you have come to a point that you want to un-clutter your life, then here are some tips for you.


Throw What You Need To Throw

One common trait that disorganized people share with one another is the trait of being a pack-rat.  More often than not, their rooms and drawers and closets are full of stuffs that they don’t really need or use anymore.

If you are guilty of keeping things that are totally outdated and useless to you, its high time for you to get rid of them.  To lessen the “pain” of getting rid of the stuffs that you have been keeping for so long, you could try to donate them to the Salvation Army or to other charitable institutions that would benefit from your things.


Maximize Your Space

Once you have decided to become more organized, you have to aim for a room (or a house or office) that would give you a lot of space to move.  Maximize your space by using cabinets, boxes, drawers, canisters, etc.  

Learn to categorize your stuffs; clips go here, pens go there, notebooks at the top shelf, bags at the second drawer, etc.  If you are a bit forgetful as to where you place your things, you can try putting labels on the boxes, canisters, drawers, etc., so that you won’t have a hard time locating an item that you need.

The act of cleaning and organizing your stuffs not only un-clutters your surroundings but also ends up organizing your life as well.  It’s like a symbol of putting things in their proper places and getting rid of the stuffs that are considered as excess baggage.