Get What You Want With Positive Thinking

How to Get Want You Want Through Positive Thinking



We have often been told that we are in control of all things that happen in our life. But are we really in control? We choose which path we want to take. Our decisions comprise what our life turns out to be. There’s one major thing that makes people succeed in their lives - attitude.


Your attitude is influenced by your thoughts. So, it is your choice to flood your thoughts with either negative or positive things. The latter definitely sounds like a better choice. Who wants to pollute their minds with negative things anyway? Although it is also good to know and understand two sides of the same coin, being overly negative can only leave you disheartened and discouraged.


Positive thinking can give you the power to succeed in life. Why so? The power of self-talk can be so effective that it can boost your determination and let you reach what you want in life, whatever it may be.


Positive thinking is quite tricky and not as easy as it sounds. It’s not just thinking good thoughts, it’s definitely more than that. Your thoughts should be powerful enough to propel you to take action.


Thinking and visualizing your goals can be very effective. For instance, if you want to buy a red-hot sports car, picture yourself riding that car. Get as much details of it as you can. Try to visualize what color of the car you want, its comfortable seats, the sound of its engine, or even the people you want to ride it with. This technique would keep you wanting for that car all the more. And if you have all things in your mind all set up to get that car, then these will keep you motivated. Whenever you are feeling lousy, discouraged, or tired of working, just hit the replay button and replay mini movies of you accomplishing your goals and getting what you want.


To help you aide in nurturing positive thoughts, you can post pictures of what you want and place it in an area that you can easily see. You can put them on your bedside table or at the back of your bedroom door perhaps. For example, on your bathroom mirror, you can place a picture of someone with sexy curves or a picture of your dream house in Beverly Hills.


After establishing a good visual in your mind, keep moving towards your goal. Set a deadline (a precise date) for yourself. Take note that your timetable should be something doable. If not, you may turn out frustrated for not meeting your deadline.


Positive thinking is different from wishful thinking. Your thoughts should be followed by concrete action. Set your mind to what you want to have in life and constantly remind yourself of that goal. Positive thinking would absolutely help you overcome the hurdles and obstacles of reaching for your dream.