Getting Away from Shyness

Getting Away from Shyness



Shyness is defined as an inhibition from contact or acquaintance with others. It is scientifically stated as an uncomfortable feeling towards some personal and interpersonal orientation that hinders the pursuit of goals.


Shyness is a state that causes discomfort in social situations that, in extreme cases, can lead a person to shun all sorts of peer-to-peer interactions altogether. It can be a mild type of shyness, where the person is still able to face others in discussions albeit with a meek exterior, or a degree of shyness that results in anxiety upon the thought of an interaction.


Shyness Is Unhealthy


Severe shyness can lead to a disorder characterized by the avoidance of social and interpersonal contacts, social anxiety disorders, and avoidant personality disorders. Simply put, being shy can be potentially unhealthy.


Being shy is a naturally occurring phenomenon in someone’s life. Being shy for the rest of your life is another story. Everyone has felt shy for at least a couple of times in his life, and that is normal. However, many have not overcome these feelings, leading to misfortunes and missed opportunities.


Being shy practically affects your personal pursuits, family life, profession, and friendships. Studies have shown that it eventually leads to dismissals, the absence of opportunities for promotions, the underdevelopment of new goals, and conflicts at work.


Be Shy No More


It’s never too late to overcome shyness. It’s just a matter of understanding its nature and transforming it into a bout of happiness and freedom. Compensating on areas where you excel is a very good technique that can help you cope with the emotional distress brought by your inability to socialize. However, it is a potential defense mechanism that should not be overused, for it may result in hermitrage and an eventual refusal to communicate.


The key to a solid transformation is balance, safety, and comfort. These three will help you face the unfamiliar when change comes in and will help you unveil workable strategies on handling certain situations. Disregard criticism, or even the thought of them coming, and focus your energies on achieving your goal. Better yet, keep in mind the adage that says what does not kill you can only make you stronger. There's really no harm in trying.


The ways of overcoming shyness are less complicated than you think. Most of these are encountered daily. It includes always having something relevant to talk about, going out with friends or dating, asking for help even with the smallest tasks, asking for what you desire, voicing an opinion, making a side comment, and practicing conversations, just to name a few.


Explore new things and free your mind of worry. Always remember that time can only go forward, and it would really be a shame if, one day, you find yourself dwelling on the "what could have been's" and "what if's."The power to shape your own self awareness entirely depends on you. It's a struggle, initially, but you'll be glad that you braved it.