Getting Motivated As Easy As 123

Getting Motivated is as Easy as 1-2-3



Getting yourself motivated is really easy, that is, if you talk more positively about your own self. Listen to your own thoughts. Do you talk to yourself in an angry manner? Do you need to talk to yourself more positively?  


The following are basic tips and advice to help you conquer your own negative thoughts and replace them with ones that are more positive.


Be true, be honest, be you.


Very often, there are moments wherein you find that talking insults and cursing yourself is a lot easier. Imagine if you talk like this to your boss or to someone that you really care about. What would they feel? Do you imagine them staying to talk or be with you more? Be kind to yourself. Believe it or not, one’s natural tendency is to give and be loved, unless you let yourself be distracted by your past negative memories. Your true self is genuinely kind. Be kind to yourself. Do not treat yourself badly. Be respectful, patient, and more understanding. If you could act that way to someone else, you certainly could treat yourself in a similar manner.  


As much as possible, always be your best when talking to yourself. Doing so will make you treat others a lot better. Eventually, these same people will then react positively towards whatever it is you are to say and do. Ultimately, you will get whatever it is that you want because these people will help you.


Make yourself heard.


Observe how much you go through the day with a dialogue that only you can hear. What does this dialogue say?  


To motivate yourself much more effectively, make sure to put passion as well as enthusiasm into whatever it is you have to say to yourself. Put energy into every word.  


Difficult? Try to imagine this. Talk to yourself the way you probably would to someone who is standing in front of you, clearly waiting to be really inspired. Now, imagine that this person is you.


Speak loud, speak with passion, and speak with excitement and enthusiasm. The fire is in you. All you have to do is release it.


Feel good even if the going gets rough.


Sometimes (and this happens), even if you are clearly focused and positive about yourself, there will be days when nothing really seems to go the way you want them to.


It is during these days when you really need to hear yourself talk, more positively that is.


Make sure that you have a collection of memories or talks that you could instantly play in your brain at your easy disposal.  


Music is a good example. Or, you could also use memories of those people you know who have told you how much they appreciate you. Believe it or not, your feelings will soar and you will feel motivated enough to go through the day with a song in your heart.  


Overall, the choice is yours as to how much positive vibes you want to play in your brain. All you need to do is unlock your hidden nature and set it free. A human being’s natural inclination is towards evolution, not devolution.