Gift Giving 101

Gift Giving 101


What do you give to somebody who has it all?  Have you ever encountered this dilemma?

Giving gifts for the people you care about may just be one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. Many factors should be considered. Some of these factors include the interest and personality of the receiver, the gift itself, and the packaging.  This article is an attempt to make that undertaking an enjoyable experience.  


  • Think of the perfect gift. Exert effort to know what the person wants and needs. Consider the personality and lifestyle of the receiver. Is he athletic? Does she love to cook? Is he career-focused?

Others may even give you a wish list to take your cue from. Buying clothes may involve care in terms of knowing the style and size of the person; just as choosing a book would require some knowledge of the receiver’s interest, what is already in his library, or if he ever reads at all.

Some people may already have it all and would prefer handcrafted gifts that are personally made by you. These types of gifts speak directly from the heart as these require investment in time and effort, making the gift unique and one of a kind.

Depending on the person’s age, gender, occupation, and lifestyle, some may be more fascinated with experiential presents. These include free travel and accommodation, gift certificates, movie tickets, theme park tickets, certificates for beauty treatments, spa sessions, or dinner in a local restaurant.

Aside from birthdays and other special occasions, weddings require you to prepare a gift. Engaged couples sometimes prefer practical and monetary gifts to help them in their new life. If you insist on giving gifts and you’re worried about duplication, a practical solution is to go to the bridal registry where the bride and groom are registered to know their preferences and see the variety of presents other guests have purchased for the couple.

  • Wrap it well. Some people say that packaging is unimportant, superficial, and insignificant. This is not true! It is equally important as the gift itself since the gift wrapper is the first thing that the receiver sees.

So, be very creative with the wrapping and try doing it yourself instead of depending on the gift-wrapping section of the department store where long queues of people exist. In addition, there is hardly any expression of friendship or love if your wrapped gift looks like everyone else’s.

People have become creative in using all types of papers, ribbons, and boxes in packaging the best gift to express themselves. Your options are limitless! You may choose unique or even indigenous materials for your gift to stand out among hundreds of others. You can even select a theme for your gifts to be distributed in an entire season, placing a mark that says, “This comes from me!”

Think of new ideas about how the wrapper may be folded or what color combinations may be used for the ribbon and the packaging.  You may select a Japanese theme, and use geisha-inspired cloths or origami boxes for your presents. Of course, you can never go wrong with a wrapper of the receiver’s favorite color.

Always remember this: When giving a gift, both the package and the content are important. The gift should express a single message: how important the receiver is in your life.  

Finding the perfect gift and the right packaging is already an experience in itself.  Enjoy it and give a gift from the heart!