Giving Instructions The Effortless Way

Giving Instructions the Effortless Way



One of the most challenging duties of a superior is to ensure that subordinates follow his instructions. To do this, he must have good communication skills to be able to give clear instructions.


According to Marcus Buckingham, author of “First, Break the Rules,” employees nowadays are looking for clarity. With clear instructions, the boss will be assured that things will be done the way he wants them to be.


Giving instructions is just the first part. Life as a superior becomes challenging when his instructions are met with resistance or when his subordinates refuse to follow his instructions.


By nature, people do not like receiving orders, for these are usually accompanied by pressure that gets into their nerves. Pressure translates to stress. It is no wonder that the highest incidence of stress or stress-related illnesses is highest at the work place.


As managerial functions, issuing instructions and giving orders to subordinates cannot be totally avoided. In fact, these constitute a bulk of a superior’s workload. Accepting this as a fact makes the job of a boss easier as he adopts a more realistic mindset in his work.


Although, it is next to impossible to refrain from giving orders to his subordinates, it is possible to reduce and minimize the pressure that goes along with the task. The best advice for superiors is to be persuasive. Bosses must master the art of persuasion and specifically focus on how to persuade their subordinates to carry out their instructions with minimal resistance.


“I want this report finished and submitted by five o’clock,” sounds more like a demand than an order. The way it is said conveys pressure to the doer. When there is pressure, resistance starts to creep, in making the work less pleasurable and more of a burden.


“If you can have this report done by five o’clock, you would be able to improve the performance of the entire department, can I count on it?” This sounds more like the job is already half-done. The person tasked to do it would be more than willing to do it even before its deadline.


What’s the secret of getting whatever you want? Employ the force-free method. Be a persuasive person. Take away the atmosphere of fear or the feel of giving out orders. Throw a friendly challenge. When you throw a friendly challenge to do a job, it gives the feeling of importance to the doer. The task makes the person feel needed and accepted. He gains confidence and helps develop a mindset that he can be relied upon, especially in times of need or emergency.


There is minimal need for force to get the job done. Be persuasive and give clear instructions. Try these techniques and you can be sure that the outcome will be to your liking. A task accomplished without force is usually infused with creativity.


So if you want something done, consider the force-free method. Try it!