Go for the Goal

Go for the Goal

Goals are dreams with deadlines. Everyone has goals in life, and they can be achieved with careful thought and planning. Here is a guide to help you plan a strategy to reach those goals.

Be realistic. Once you have set your goals, see if they are realistic and reachable. Goals have better chances of being reached if you see them as doable.

Create a timetable Creating a timetable is very essential if you are determined to reach your goals. A timetable serves as a guide to seeing how close you are to your objective. Set deadlines on your goals. Say, in two months you'll have a new phone, or by the next year, you already have that corner office you've been salivating over, or that by the age of 27 you'll start your retirement fund. Mapping your life will motivate you to work harder for your goals. When you create your timetable, make sure to separate short-term goals from long-term targets.

Prioritize. With so many things to achieve, you must learn to prioritize what should be accomplished first. Set priorities and rate them on their importance and urgency. The most important and urgent have to be accomplished first, and so on. Learning to arrange your goals by order of importance eases you from the stress of being overwhelmed. Most people are daunted when they see that they have so much to do. Knowing how to prioritize your goals gives you a clear and linear way to work on them, one goal at a time. Rome wasn't built in a day, they say, and they say too that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Reaching your goals is done the same way: one step at a time.


Act, then stick to your plan. Now, after listing down and ranking each goal by order of its priority, it’s time to act and start living each day in pursuit of your goals. Stick to your strategy, focusing on being able to tick off your goals from your list, one goal at a time. Putting your dreams to paper would be useless unless you do something to make them come true.


Take Risks. Life is all about taking risks. If you're afraid of taking risks and failing, you’ll never get anywhere. Keep in mind that though you will encounter rough roads and storms in your journey, each of them should serve to make you stronger and more determined. Weathering these is the mark of a survivor. Be dogged in your pursuit of your dreams, and tenaciously hold on to seeing them come to pass. You can do it!