Golden Rules for Freelance Writing Success

Golden Rules for Freelance Writing Success



Freelance writing can be a lucrative career if you know how to do it right. Keep these following golden rules in mind and allow them to lead you to success:


  • Know your craft. You don’t have to take a degree related to writing to get started, but you need to at least have a basic grasp of the English language – especially if you are looking at the possibilities of an international market online – and a skill of telling stories in interesting ways. Many well-written article, ad, or piece tells a very good, compelling story.


  • Know how to advertise yourself. Though you may be able to write any kind of content in any form – be it an article, ad, or website content, zero in on your strengths when you advertise yourself and just mention your other writing skills in passing. This will make people – and of course, prospective clients – remember you more easily, especially if you are advertising in freelance job sites, where many others are also advertising.


Also, at the start, use as many channels as possible – freelance job sites, forums, telling friends and other people you know about your writing services, and other means you can think of. Once you have established a solid client base, you need not worry about advertising yourself anymore, which brings us to Golden Rule #3:


  • Build and maintain good relationships with your clients. Good relationships equals continuous assignments. Good relationships also equals possible referrals for other clients.


How do you build a good relationship? Give your clients the best possible output you can give. Deliver early or on time. Communicate well – be clear about what you can and cannot do. Never make a promise you can’t fulfill. Strive to exceed their expectations. Simply put, always aim to please your clients.


Apply these rules and you won’t go wrong in your path to freelance writing success.