Good Communication Techniques for Men

Good Communication Techniques for Men: Getting Her to Marry You



Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. It is the fuel that drives a relationship to progress, to grow, and to change.


Those who lack the ability to communicate with others have very little chance to form a lasting and meaningful relationship.


This is especially true for men. It is often observed that men have a greater difficulty with expressing themselves to others, particularly around women.


Lack of communication can be often overlooked early in a relationship, due to the high passions and the overall novelty of it all.


However, those looking to form a true bond that can lead to marriage need good communication skills to have any chance of success.  


There are many reasons why men find it harder to communicate than women. Many men think it's just how men should behave.


This is mostly due to the traditional view that men have to be tough and strong, harking back to the days when cavemen bonked cavewomen on the head with a club, brought them back to their caves and lived happily ever after.


Some men feel that expressing themselves too much is a form of weakness and is to be looked down upon. Then some simply don't know how to communicate.


Whatever the reason, mankind has gone a long way since prehistoric times.  


The inability of men to express themselves reflects negatively to women. It leads them to believe that man is cold and insensitive. It can make them feel unloved or unwanted. Women will rarely want to neither commit with such a man, nor believe that the man is willing to commit.


This often just isn't the case. Men can feel just as much as women, but are just incapable of conveying these sentiments.


Men looking to build long-lasting and successful relationship need to learn how to communicate in order to build a strong, honest and truthful bond with a woman.


Good communication does not only involve speaking; non-verbal communication includes body language as well.


You must make a conscious effort to devote time to improve the communication in a relationship. During these times, a couple can really concentrate on what each other have to say. It is important to be able speak to each other, about their lives and relationship, even if it's only to affirm their happiness.


Equally important, if not more so than expressing yourself, is the ability to listen. This includes listening to her words as well as learning to read her body language in order to gauge her feelings. It's important to understand her feelings and to let her know that you understand and care.


To do this, you must learn to practice active listening. This can be difficult for most men, as it requires patience to put aside all their opinions and just concentrate on listening, but it is vital to attaining a healthy rapport.


If there is something that you’re not clear about, then ask questions in order to avoid misunderstandings.


Only when you truly listen to what she has to say, can you have a truly meaningful conversation.


One of the most difficult things for a man to do is to consciously express love, but it is paramount to let her know how you feel if she should ever agree to marriage.


One of the hardest things for a man to do is to say the three words,  "I love you". Some men can go their whole lives without muttering these words. Saying it can make a man feel vulnerable and exposed.


For a man looking to make a woman his wife, saying it and truly meaning it can be like magic words. It is an affirmation of a bond shared and can take them through to their future lives together.

All that is left to do is to propose. After all that communicating, it should be a piece of cake.