Good Host

How to be a Good Host



Especially during the holiday season, a person may suddenly find himself a host to visitors – friends or relatives who planned a sleepover. There is no need to panic, however. With adequate preparation, being a good host to visitors is a breeze.


Before inviting, check how many people may be comfortably accommodated in your house. This evaluation includes counting how many can sleep in your guest room, how much food may be offered by the contents of your refrigerator, how many can dine at your table, among other concerns. Remember the length of time they are to stay, and the names of the people they will be bringing along.


Upon their arrival, make your guests feel at home. Make sure that their belongings, especially their valuables, are kept safe. Let them know of the schedule of meals and lights off time if applicable. Orient them about the basic parts of the house, such as their temporary room, kitchen, washroom, and the room where the telephone is. Inform them in a nice way about the things that they can and cannot do inside the house.


For example, let them know if drinking alcoholic beverages or cigarette smoking is prohibited to avoid complications. For obvious purposes, do not display many of your valuables when visitors are around.


To maximize the space of your living room, purchase a sofa set that can be pushed even to the corners. Buying beanbags and floor cushions are also advisable since they come in handy for guests who want to bring their children along.


Your dining table and chairs must be able to accommodate occasional guests and not only the regular members of your family at once. Needless to say, the food you serve must be enough to satisfy all your guests. Take note of their preferences, especially if they are allergic to some food items or their religion prohibits them from eating some dishes. During meals, prepare for a healthy conversation and advise other members of your family, especially the children, to be careful in making comments that may offend the guests.


Prepare sleeping quarters with comfortable beds for the guests. Ensure that the place has proper ventilation. Secure them some blankets, necessary toiletries, and medicine. If it is an entire family sleeping over, plan some games and other activities such as a movie marathon, a sing-along contest, and others. Remember to be polite and say goodbye when they leave.