Attracting Goodwill


You did your best in your class presentation, but the professor did not like your report. You were one of the top people in your class, but the employer favored your colleague who has flunked a few subjects way back in college. You went out of your way to get approval from your boss, only to find out that he gave his approval to someone else while you were busy doing your task. You pour your heart out into something when somebody else comes along suddenly and reaps the fruits you have been eyeing for months.


Something must have gone wrong along the way. You may have ignored the small details that can determine your success or failure in attracting goodwill. When this happens to you, try to ponder on details that can put you on the right track.


Try to be eye-catching and smart. Being good-looking has its advantages. It is man’s nature to adore beauty. Through this pleasant quality, good deed and goodwill shall follow. However, do not be blinded into thinking that one person’s merit is undermined by attractive images. Perception is subjective, so you must be aware of the power of positive projection. Consider this:


If there are two job applicants, both are engineers who graduated at the same school and have competitive experiences, but the other one is more presentable and good-looking, who do you think would most likely be accepted? Assuming that all the other qualities are identical, an employer would favor the one who presents himself neatly and positively.


As a rule, you must know the right time to display yourself. Flaunting is not favored in all occasions, but knowing exactly when to do it will highlight your talents as an individual. Some people have the unique ability to make a great impression. This can be done through the proper and confident command of the right body language, and your attitude towards the person you are talking with. If you are talking to a superior (ex: a high-profile executive like the president of a company), you must not look timid or bashful. You must maintain a civil and professional composure. You must continue displaying confidence, and not act like a trying-hard executive wannabe.


Anything in excess is scorned by wise men. Hence, see to it that you display yourself in moderation to avoid being too flamboyant. In making yourself known to others, you don’t have to talk about yourself all the time. There are instances when the most effective boast is a timely and sensible suppression. A silent remark using positive facial gestures or a gentle smile is a powerful way of maintaining rapport, amidst being in stressful situations like a board meeting. This shows you’re still confident, and not so anxious or stressed during the said tedious deliberation. Bear in mind that curiosity must be satisfied little by little to make your next move more appreciated. This will give the impression that you are planning your moves in a very natural way.


Get hold of things you truly believe and show that you are capable of handling things the way they should be done.