Great Leadership Entails a Good Sense of Discernment

Great Leadership Entails a Good Sense of Discernment


If you are a great fan of leadership and everything that comes along with it, then for sure you know John C. Maxwell, right?  Well, if you don’t know him, John Maxwell happens to be one of America’s experts in the line of leadership.

One of the very meaningful statements about leadership that came from John Maxwell was: smart leaders believe only half of what they hear.  Discerning leaders know which half to believe.

Even if that statement is just short and brief, it efficiently summarized what a leader should and should not be.  Being a smart leader is not enough; people in authority should strive to be more than just a smart leader!  To become a really effective leader, you should be a smart and a discerning leader.


What Is A Discerning Leader?

A discerning leader is keen and sensitive enough to hear what his subordinates are saying, yet smart enough to determine what issues he should believe in.  A discerning leader possesses common sense as well as the right amount of intuition.  However, leaders should not only depend on their discerning capabilities because human as they are, they cannot rely on their common sense and intuition all the time.


How to Develop and Enhance the Ability to Discern

For you to be able to discern more accurately, try to think back about your past mistakes.  Ponder on your past failures and successes and try to trace back the cause of those situations.  By being more aware of the causes of things, you will surely develop the sense of being conclusive in future issues that may arise.

You can also try to be in touch with others' way of thinking, especially your subordinates.  If you are in authority, don’t act too superior to the extent that you don’t want to mingle with your subordinates.  Leaders become more effective and successful if they are fully aware of the current needs and issues of their subordinates.

Another way to develop and enhance your ability to discern is by being in touch with yourself.  Take time to relax and enjoy sweet and serene solitude.  By being in touch with yourself, the channels of your mind can easily be unclogged and you will be more sensitive and keen in discerning issues of other people.

In a nutshell, being a good leader does not only require great leadership skills but highly effective discerning capabilities as well.  Do not focus only on one aspect of good leadership because that will surely be the cause of your downfall.