Great Ways to Enjoy Being Single

Great Ways to Enjoy Being Single



Are you single? If you do, then are you enjoying it? If you don't then I suggest that you read on.


A lot of people are living single lives. Each one of them has their own reasons, like a breakup, divorce, death, or just single since birth and many more. Regardless of the reasons, what's important is that you enjoy it. Here are some things singles could enjoy.


  • Say yes to every opportunity to learn, grow and meet new people. What is good about being single is that you are free to do the things you want to do. Explore your world, meet new friends, learn and look for things that would interest you. There’s nobody stopping you from what you want to do. Enjoy your freedom.


  • On the lazy side of being single, you can take sleep as long as you want, or watch TV the whole day. You don’t even have to worry about buying a gift or taking a person out. You can just worry about yourself and channel your energies to helping more people, instead of tying yourself to just one.


  • Your life is too short to wake up in the morning full of regrets, you must love the person who treats you right and you forget about the ones who don't.


  • Always see things in a positive way. Think about all the things you can do because you are single. Go to movies, eat in restaurants, travel by yourself and read books while you're at it. There are so many things you can do being single. Imagine the new friends you will make if you travel on your own, than if you have a partner with you.


  • Invest and save money for yourself. Go to a beauty parlor; get a massage, shop till you drop. There's a huge selection of activities available, sky is the limit.


  • Join an organization, a service club, or become a volunteer. Be more socially active and do community service for the church if giving service to others makes you happy. You could also spend time going in to college classes, expand your knowledge and enroll in subjects of your interest.


  • Being single does not mean you are alone. In fact, being single makes you a very approachable person. Company would not be a big problem if you're single. In fact, you’d probably have more fun mingling with a bunch of people and learning new things about each of them. You might even get to learn something new about yourself, as well.


  • If you just broke off from a relationship, well, don't be sad. Look at the bright side! You can stay a little bit late at work with no pressure or guilt, you get to sleep better (snore all you want!), your worst argument would be "Cereals or Take Out tonight?", when a hot chick asks you “Are you single?”, you don’t feel pressured to lie, and you own the bathroom 24-7.


There are lot of great ways to enjoy being single. These are just some of the many things that you can choose from. The point is, being single does not suck, nor does it make you a lesser person. It is all about seeing your current situation in a positive perspective and enjoying life to the fullest. You have only one life to live, don’t waste it waiting for another person to come. Live it, for crying out loud! Have fun!