Guide To Becoming An Effective Sales Person

Guide To Becoming An Effective Sales Person



Sales might be one of the more “difficult” professions in the world. How is this so? Sure, sales persons dress well and are commonly seen in nice restaurants making small talk with prospective clients, but when you really look deep into the profession itself, you will see that sales persons have to sometimes resort to mental and psychological acrobatics just to close a deal.


However, there is a skill to becoming a good sales person. It's not learned overnight. For some people, it's an inherent talent. But for many of us, effective selling is a challenge to learn. Here are some points you might want to improve the next time you prepare for a presentation or a meeting with a potential buyer.


1. Capitalize on the power of motivation.


Find people who will "want" to buy what you are selling. This is not hard to do. In fact, what is difficult is getting people who will be interested while you only sit and wait for them to come to you.


More often than not, people are not aware of what they want or need unless they are presented with a situation. Your job is to help them identify that need and assure them that you are the best person to fulfill it. Do it in a subtle manner, of course. Once you've succeeded in this, you're on to a sale.


2. Deliver great sales pitches.


You want to give out a presentation that will have outstanding recall. Majority of presentations are boring. If you deviate from the norm and put in a little extra fun into yours, your prospects will be able to remember you more easily; and if they found something very interesting in your proposal, it will definitely place you in the top of their roster of priorities.


A good way to catch your prospects' interest is by telling a story that is linked with your product or service. What you are gunning for is the "I have to have that" reaction.


3. Know who your clients are.


Sell only to people who would be likely interested in your product or service. Don't waste your time and others' by going after those who will only predictably turn you down because they really have no need for what you are offering no matter how you try to turn things around.


This doesn’t mean, however, that you should not try and simply give up selling to some people. It simply means that you should be prudent enough to prioritize people who will give you the satisfaction of a sale over those who will likely make you just chase after them.


4. Seek commitments, not immediate sales.


The reason why sales persons are often looked down on in society is because most are so aggressive to close a sale here and now that they often turn pushy and resort to all sorts of antics. What you want to gain from a client is a commitment or a promise that he or she will take a look at your products and services. The fact that this person is willing to set aside some of his or her time for you is something you should be happy about, because some people say 'no, go away' outright.


5. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.


Finally, engage in a little mystery so your prospect will be encouraged to learn more and ask questions. The more interested he or she is with your offer, the more likely you will be able to close a sale. Don't give out all your ammo now. Save some for another meeting at a later time. If you do this well, your prospect will definitely ask a call back to obtain more information.