Half Dozen Motivation Strategies

Half Dozen Motivation Strategies



Success and achievement requires work, patience and motivation. Motivation can be viewed by some as a temporary solution to a permanent problem. What that means is, there is always something to do when it comes to success.


We need to succeed at better grades. We need to succeed at becoming more profitable in business. We need to succeed in our family life – being a better parent or spouse. We need to succeed financially – be it personally or business. We need to succeed physically. Maybe we need to drop a few pounds or add some muscle mass.


The bottom line is, we all need motivation on some level whether it’s for a short time or for an ongoing long time frame. Below are twelve ways that you can become more motivated for your success trail.


Some may be for you. Some may not. But with twelve you are sure to find at least one that works with your personality.



Reading can be inspirational as well as motivational. It’s a form of learning, research, escape, entertainment and even training. Reading up on your desired goals can be motivational. For example, if you are wanting to get in shape, you may subscribe to a well known fitness magazine. The articles and pictures alone could be motivation to keep you on the treadmill or bench press.



Listening is a lot like reading. But instead of being tied to a book, you can listen to motivational recordings just about anywhere. The most common place is the car. If you are working in an office setting away from your home, you may have a lengthy route to work. That’s a perfect time for motivational listening. If you have the luxury of listening while at home or in the office, a great way to further your motivation is to actually take notes of important points that you hear from your recordings.



Affirmations are good for those of us who need repetition. Have you heard the saying, “Tell someone something long enough and they will eventually believe it.” Well an affirmation is that kind of motivational resource. Someone usually finds a saying that really charges them – something they really believe in – and they will write it down and read it daily, sometimes several times daily. This eventually will get in that person’s head and they will own it as a fact or part of who they are. The great thing about affirmations are, they can really take good information, motivational and inspiring information, and flood out the negativity that’s in your head. Out with the old (bad) and in with the new (good).



Here’s a powerful way to stay motivated. If you can see your outcome, a lot of times it will motivate you to see it through to the end. The only downside is it takes a little practice. But it is well worth the effort. Your results will show you how worth it.



Negativity is a harsh motivator. What I mean is, negativity is bad. But if you’re the kind of person that likes to take the negativity from people and feed it back to them by your positive results, then you have a great motivational technique by tuning into the comments of others who ‘don’t think it’s possible’.  With this technique, you have to be careful that the negativity doesn’t rub off on your and you start to believe it.



Remembering why you’re doing what you’re doing is a great way to stay motivated. If you’re building wealth to give your family things they never dreamed possible. Just remembering that fact can motivate your drive harder than when you first thought about it. As time goes on, you will be more driven the more you remember your reasons.


Huge amounts of motivation are already in you. You just have to know how to tap into it. And if these half dozen motivational strategies are a start. If you don’t see one you connect, there are more coming!