Handling Change

Handling Change


Change is a very rampant and foreboding situation that inevitably happens to everyone. For a student, there could be a change in school, classmates and even a change of new environment. For an employee, a change of work or even personal accounts can be possible. For a child, a change of physical attributes and the like are in the offing.

To some people, this change brings about positive results – they look at the situation as more challenging and exciting, and they couldn’t wait to tackle it head-on. But there are some people who feel more than discouraged about the situation, who are afraid to take risk and to put their lives on the line.

When this arises, what should we do? How are we supposed to deal with change when we are already used to what we have? How are we incline to accept change in situations where we are already most comfortable?

According to Carol L. McClelland, Ph.D. in her article Doorway of Support and Inspiration: Change, “When we are dumped into change, our favorite strategy is to try to recover our lives as quickly as possible: "Oh yes, my marriage broke up, but I'm fine now" or "I had hepatitis for a week and the doctor ordered limited work for three months, but I'm too busy to slow down."

This kind of thinking reinforces an escape from the real world, and masks our true feelings – it gives us the idea that we don’t want others to know what we are going through. This might work to some extent, but with this kind of thinking, it would just make the situation worse than it already is by denying yourself of the real situation.

There is actually one solution to this only, and that is to accept the change. The answer is quite obvious and intangible, but accepting the real change in a situation makes you feel more relaxed and calm.

This answer might seem easy, but apparently it’s not. Accepting change requires a lot of hard work and believing that you can accept change is the first step.

If you are having a hard time accepting change, try and talk to some of your bosom buddies. They might help you realize that indeed change is not only a positive thing – it gives you something to look forward to everyday.

And for the people who are afraid to tale risks, remember that successful people are the risk takers in the industry.