Happily Ever After Recipe

Recipe For A Happy-Ever-After Ending For Relationships



We have heard of a number of fairytale romantic stories of couples ending into a nerve–wracking horror and drama series. This sounds like a movie plot for the next record-breaking box-office hit of all time. Unfortunately, this tragic event affects anyone, even the “good ones.”


Tina and Jack had been high-school sweethearts and were inseparable since then. At age twenty-four and after practically spending one-fourth of their lifetime together, they broke up.


Recently, I had the chance to join Tina over a cup of coffee and our favorite cake. While listening to her story, I had to pinch myself to make sure I was in touch with reality. It was surreal at first. Theirs was a perfect love story and a perfect relationship before everything really went wrong.


What she thought as perfect relationship was not perfect at all. She did not even know it was coming. Reflecting on what happened in her relationship with Jack, Tine enumerated relevant facets of the relationship that she might have overlooked.


Was there a lapse in communication? A strong relationship is not limited to casual exchanges of “hi” and “hello.” The bond becomes stronger when couples share intimate secrets, future plans, joys, and sorrows. Meaningful communication creates a deeper relationship by sharing hopes and dreams and by loving each other more.


Are the demands in the relationship realistic? Demands are unwritten responsibilities to one another. One has to make sure that those claims are reasonable. Choosing between a long-distance boyfriend compared to a college sweetheart will be easy, if you are the type of person who demand constant physical presence. So if you are to engage in a relationship, carefully weigh the pros and cons.


Is growth stifled in the relationship? In a relationship, one must also be concerned with growth and development as a couple, and not only about individual happiness and well being. It is very unfortunate that some relationships nowadays do not foster growth but cause regression for the couple.


There are many factors that influence a healthy relationship. It varies from one person to another. In all of these, this one holds true: mutual reverence and respect are very critical ingredients in a lasting relationship.


In a relationship, both parties should look after each other’s welfare. You do not commit in a relationship to forcibly change your partner into your ideal mate. You learn to appreciate the good side of your partner. However, this should not prevent you from honestly making it known that certain changes will be greatly valued.


Like any relationship, maintaining a connection to the highest level of affection involves great risk. However, this should not stop you and your partner from aspiring and working for meaningful and lasting relationship. After all, it is still possible to have your own happily-ever-after ending.