Have Fun While Learning Foreign Languages

Have Fun While Learning Foreign Languages



Learning a foreign language is not always easy. Schools and universities may offer a three- to five-hour a week class on foreign language but how many students learn from it?


For example, in the United States, Spanish or French may be a requirement in certain high schools, but a lot of students who perform well in that class don’t even know how to converse in Spanish or French outside of class. After graduation, a student who took foreign language class could not even construct a sentence in that language.


The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to visit the country and immerse yourself with the people. Because the only way to interact with the foreigners is to speak their language, you’ll be able to learn a foreign language. This is the what happens to immigrants - they’re forced to learn the language of the foreign country to survive.


However, you can actually learn a foreign language without forcing yourself. You don’t even need to spend a fortune just to visit a foreign country. All you need are a few learning materials and lots of passion to learn a new language. These learning materials could be books, magazines, tapes, songs, movies and even games.


The first you could try would probably be some comics and magazines written in that language. The dialogues are more colloquial so you could easily incorporate them into your weekly routines.


Try reading books, but only those you are interested in. There’s no point reading a book written in a foreign language that you do not want to read even if it is written in your mother language. For most people, pop culture is the most popular. However, if you enjoy reading about history or law books, then read those.


By reading about things you enjoy the most, you won’t mind if you look up several words in a paragraph in the dictionary. However, use the dictionary sparingly. Once you’ve looked up the word, make a conscious effort to remember it.


Buy and play music that’s sung in the foreign language. You could play it in your car or while you’re doing your household chores. Foreign words are easier to register in the brain if it goes along with a tune. You might even find yourself singing in a foreign language in no time.


Language tapes are also useful. In fact, it is not enough to just buy a book on foreign language because your purpose is not just to write in that language. You also want to speak in that language, right? So you should also learn how each word is properly spoken.


Watch movies in the language you wish to learn. As much as possible, don’t watch those with subtitles because you’ll be too busy reading them to pay attention to what the movie characters are saying. Movies are great ways to boost your foreign language learning because you’ll see when and how the words are used. You’ll even be amused by the character’s facial reactions whenever he says a particular word.


Then of course, there are games or fun programs in a foreign language. Usually, these are used by children to attract them into learning a foreign language. But hey, if you enjoy playing computer games, then you might want to install a game in foreign language on your computer.


The internet also offers a neighborhood where you can practice what you have learned. You can subscribe to newsgroups or websites that use that language. You could even talk to other members online.