How Affirmations Can Make Your Dreams Real

How Affirmations Can Make Your Dreams Real



Positive thoughts reveal affirmations. This goes to show that affirmations can only take place when people are optimistic or constructive about something.


In time, these constructive thoughts are embedded deep down into the central realization of individuals and will serve as a motivation for their existing and imminent actions. Affirmations act as guides so that people will eventually live a normal and happy life. What is desired is sought and fulfilled on its truest sense.


The problem is that many people tend to neglect and overlook the strength of affirmations in conquering and prevailing over some particular unfavorable attributes and unconstructive, regular plan of thought of the mind. Some people, likewise, do not understand the “power of affirmations” in dealing with various flaws and limitations in an individual’s character in a positive way.


Affirmations can be either constructive assertions or propositions that are induced into one’s inner insight. The process of inducing affirmations can be done both through subliminal processes such as hypnosis or can be asserted verbally during the mind’s conscious state.


The utilization of affirmations can be considered as a healing process because it eliminates the presence of any negative “self-scripts,” and reintroduces or improves the affirmative “self-scripts.”


In reality, affirmations can do many things that can bring about positive results. Knowing the real functions of affirmations can make people realize how these things can help them triumph in a game, conquer fear, realistically lose weight, heal the body as well as the spirit or the soul, etc.


Affirmations can do many things, as long as you do them correctly. If you are not yet aware of how to maximize affirmations and make them work to your advantage, here are some pointers that you need to know:


1. Make use of them on a regular basis.


The human mind is a complex and multifaceted structure made up of various nerves that generates millions of impulses throughout the body. Therefore, if the mind is constantly bombarded with affirmations, the impulses that it generates will be carried out throughout the body.


It is important that the mind be accustomed to the affirmations needed to boost one’s self-confidence or improve one’s performance in work or in a game.


2. Take praise and give thanks.


If you can accept compliments, you can open the door to a more positive self-image, which is a good way to safeguard yourself from the negative “self-scripts.” To boost a negative self-image, learn to accept compliments and affirmations as genuine statements of how others feel about you.


The problem with most people is that they regard compliment as something that is untrue or something that they consider as an offense.


To teach yourself how to accept compliments and affirmations, try to ask people close to you to tell you something positive about yourself, something they like or respect. Then, with a straight face, respond to the compliment by saying, “I am sorry, I cannot permit you to feel that way.” Try it just once, and you will hear how absurd that sounds. Yet, that is exactly what you are doing if you cannot accept affirmations such as compliments.


Affirmations should make people feel or think better about themselves, without even trying. There may be many favorable ways in making a cheerful and contented life, but what people should keep in mind is that affirmation is one major key to success, whatever methods you wish to employ. All it takes is a positive mind to make your dream a reality, and not just a miracle.