How Do You Treat Others

How Do You Treat Others


Did you know that how you treat others tells a wealth about how successful you are and how successful you will be?It’s true.

Not only does it reveal how successful you’ll be, it sheds the brightest light in the darkest place to expose your inner strength.

If you are the type of person that takes advantage of people just to make a dime orfurther your own purposes, that says that you’re a very selfish and uncaring person.

Now this may seem elementary and common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many people use and abuse those who they would even say they care about.

I know of a first grade teacher who has a system that gives every student a chance to win a prize from the “Treasure Chest”. It’s a great tool to promote good behavior in the classroom.

Anyway, one particular student who is generally well-behaved was a little talkative one day and received a sad face that was to be sent home to his parents. Toward the end of the day, he approached the teacher with his head in his hands. 

He raised his head from his hands only to show a fountain of tears flowing from his eyes – trying to hide them from his classmates.

When the teacher inquired what could be wrong, she discovered that he was upsetbecause he would be in trouble at home. The teacher explained that he should think about talking out of line in class. At that time the 1st grade student erupted with gasping and tears (more than ever).

He continued to explain to his teacher that his daddy was going to “hit him hard in the stomach and he would go flying backwards”.

Can you imagine the continual scene at this six year old's house?

The parent in this situation is a weak individual and obviously doesn’t care about himself or his child. If he did, the abuse wouldn’t occur.

I don’t know the family’s circumstances, but I know that there is no circumstance that calls for a six year old (or any child) to be punched in the stomach by a grown man. 

Success? He’s already reached his pinnacle. Eventually, he’ll find himself in a place that will limit his time with his own child.

Inner strength? None. It takes more inner strength to know how to treat others than it does to surrender to your animalistic and uncontrolled behaviors. Inner strength is a continual process and practice. It requires control and purpose.

True story? Yes. My wife is the first grade teacher. Measures are being taken to see that this situation doesn’t continue. 

This is an extreme example, but there are plenty of examples that may be a little more common. Perhaps in your life. . .

Are you a supervisor / boss?

How do you treat those under you?

Don’t use your position to “lord it over” others.

Use your power for a positive purpose. Lead as an example. Show those under you that you’re not perfect. You’re still learning too.

That’s one way to gain the respect of your superiors as well as those you’re leading. It IS possible to acknowledge your faults and do a great job.

Are you a worker bee?

Apply these tips:

- Ask questions. - Be friendly. - Find out how you can help. - Take the most undesired part of your job, the thing that no one wants to do, and ask to do it.

Are you a parent?

Love your family. Go to them and give them a big hug and tell them how much you love them. Then show them daily.