How Organization Starts in the Mind

How Organization Starts in the Mind



People usually have difficulty organizing every aspect of their lives, from the small things, like where to put items in their proper places at home, to bigger things, like organizing special events, such as weddings and debuts.


The reason for this is because we look at the whole picture the first time we see it and think that it is difficult to accomplish. For this reason, everything seems like a big clutter and we have no idea where to start. First and foremost, it is important to realize that all these difficulties do not exist anywhere but in our minds.


After realizing this fact, then, it is essential that you develop the right attitude towards organizing. One of the things you should do is to break down the big task into small and attainable tasks. By doing this, you will not get suddenly overwhelmed by the responsibilities at hand and you accomplish what you had set out to do.  


Taking things one step at a time will certainly help you be organized and keep you on track with the goals that you want to achieve. The task that you thought were difficult to accomplish at first would be done even before you know it.


After which, you really must get rid of the mindset of randomly doing things all at once; because, if you do things without focus, everything will end up half done and you would have accomplished nothing. Organizing takes a conscious effort; all your attention must be centered on a particular task before you move on to the next. Doing things that way will help you achieve things faster and more efficiently, since you thought about what you really need to do first. That would eliminate all the tasks you would have done that were unnecessary.


Remember, the concept of disorganization is all in the mind; therefore, the solution is there, too. Don't convince yourself that you are disorganized, because if you do this, then it would certainly be true. Train your mind to have a can-do mind set even at the start because doing otherwise will make you end up doing the same task with more difficulty just because you thought so.


Another thing you must do is to get rid of the clutter that surround your life. The clutter can either be in the form of physical things or even mental trauma in the past that you just can't seem to let go of. All these clutter affect your life right now, both in big and small ways, even if you do not realize it. If it really seems difficult to do, then get rid of these things one at a time. Pretty soon you will certainly feel free and the entire load that you did not realize you were carrying will be lifted.


By getting rid of all the clutter, your mind will also become more at liberty to decide what is best for you without any bias. Also, without all these clutter littering your mind and your house, organizing your things, your thoughts, and even your life will become easier; and you will experience the freedom that only comes with letting go of some long held burden.


All these things are important in the goal of organizing your mind, but these have to start somewhere. It is really up to you if are serious in organizing. Starting is usually the most essential but also the most difficult thing to do. But when you decide that you want to get organized, then things are already half done because organization starts in the mind.