How Subconscious Programming Affects You

How Subconscious Programming Affects You



Each time you think, your conscious mind is transferred to your subconscious mind. The reason is that your subconscious mind completes everything that reaches your thoughts. It actually becomes your storage of thoughts. Your conscious mind gets all the personal thoughts that allow you to decide on things automatically, without any effort of evaluating and deliberating.


When you encounter mental blocking, it will prevent you to see your true nature. You are the one that dictates your decision-making on what you think is right and true. The way the subconscious mind is programmed relies on how your mind directs the energy, shape, function, weight, and actions you make. These are the processes in which there are automatic reactions on the things you take action to without consciously being aware of them.


The way you program the subconscious mind influences your emotion. It is done by tapping those brain chemicals that stimulate that kind of emotion. Your emotion can also trigger those brain chemicals that bring out your thoughts. Your thoughts make the subconscious mind active. Those thoughts that stick to your mind and eventually become your own beliefs are now part of subconscious programming.


Even if you try to change your conscious thought, those negative subconscious programs still remain and are still fresh in your memory, until they fade away or are released from your subconscious mind. However, these are usually are hard to overcome. Some of these memories may even last a lifetime until you truly accept or forget about what happened.


You may not convince your inner self to change its mind because those negative subconscious programs from your past are left. They will not be erased until your subconscious programming is altered or influenced by special techniques. These techniques can reach the subconscious stage where all memories are stored.


It is also important that you allow yourself to be open in releasing those negative things that have happened in the past. You may tell secrets openly and wholeheartedly in a psychological therapy or in a counseling that can help you overcome those negative thoughts. It is also advisable to set your mind to erase them temporarily before you enter this kind of therapy or counseling. Many people think that it is discouraging to tell those secrets.


When you erase your subconscious programming, there are elements on your inner self that may resist you from erasing these programs. These elements should be addressed or the programming should be initiated as soon as possible. There are confusing options that may really alter your mind.


You should also understand that your mind is very complex. There are three different stages in your mind. The first is the conscious mind or also known as your middle self. The second is the subconscious mind, which is also known as your lower self. The super conscious mind or higher self is the third stage. Always remember that the subconscious programming is only a part of your mind. This subconscious stage of your mind does not make up the whole lower self.       


You have the freedom to choose whether to use subconscious programming for your development or not. It should be considered as a valuable factor in decision-making. Therefore, your subconscious should dictate you of positive things and throw away all the negative thoughts learned from bad experiences.