How to Age Gracefully

How to Age Gracefully



The big 4-0.


Does life, as what some of its advocates claim it to be, really begin at 40? Or does it signify something more ominous, perhaps the start of a disturbing mid-life crisis?


After hurdling countless nerve-wracking challenges and back-breaking obstacles during the past four decades of your existence, you are at a point in your life where you are forced to examine who you were and who you want to be in the future.  


If you used to wake up in the past with a gloomy outlook in life, now is the time to change for the better.  You should be more appreciative of your blessings and greet every sunshine-kissed morning with passion and enthusiasm.  Want to know how to age gracefully?  Apply these tips and be on your way to a radiant glow.


  • Choose a health diet.  You have been informed that eating a balanced diet is important so make sure you follow this advice.  


Choose bread, pasta and cereals because they provide essential vitamins and minerals needed by the body.  They also contain fiber which helps prevent constipation.  


Fish, chicken meat and green vegetables are perfect for the iron needs of people above 40 years old. Cheese, milk and eggs should also be a staple in the daily diet.  They are rich in calcium essential for building up bones.  Calcium prevents osteoporosis common among older women.  


A serving of fruit per meal is a must.  They contain Vitamin C needed to boost the immune system.  


  • Exercise daily.  Get that body moving.  There is no need to enroll in a fancy gym just to maintain muscle tone. You can mow the lawn, clean the house or walk the dog.  Just be consistent and try to do active and vigorous movements for at least 30 minutes everyday.


  • Learn more.  Indulge yourself in your favorite hobby.  Join a dance club if you’re into tango, salsa and chachacha.  Take up a new language.  Surprise everyone by greeting them with Ola,Buenos dias!  Come esta usted? Apply for a membership in the Scrabble Society.  Just expand your horizons. You will not only learn new skills, you will also gain new friends.


  • Reconnect.  Missing your relatives and friends?  Why don’t you hold a mini get-together?  Reminisce the times you’ve played pranks on each other.  Giggle over your old crushes and ex-boyfriends.  Muse on your favorite subjects back in high school.  Pore over your old photo albums or scrapbooks and see how much you have changed throughout the years.


  • Be of service to others.  If you have spare time in your hands, why don’t you help out in an orphanage?  Or volunteer at a free clinic.  Every little bit helps.  Not only will you be productive, you will also change people’s lives in your own simple way.