How to Attain Your Goals Effectively

How to Attain Your Goals Effectively



Whether for the short or long term, every person in this planet has set a goal that needs to be reached. It may be small, like getting to work on time, or huge, like building a house in a year's time, or even running for the U.S. presidency. Sometimes, these goals are met with flying colors. There are moments, however, when the effort ends with disappointment.


There are many reasons why some goals are not met. Needless to say, the failure to achieve them is often a key contributor to low self-esteem and drive. The trick to getting past the hard times? Don't let them get to you and move on.


Between Goals and Success


Success and goal attainment always come together. More goals set almost always translates to greater success. There are goal attainment strategies that are focused on things that should be always be accessible and available. These include powerful emotions like desire and passion. It also includes expectancy and the ability to identify your current state, as well as the creativity and imagination to build the path towards your goals.


There are several approaches to successful goal attainment, and their proper implementation could be the very element that can make or break your road to achievement.


The first approach in attaining your goals is to objectively scrutinize and appraise your abilities and skills.


Setting goals that are flexible and realistic is a great help. Don't pressure yourself to buy a brand new car in 3 months if you're earning only around $300 per month gross. Goals that are beyond one's normal ability to meet are a dream to achieve, IF you get them. However, they can also lead to depression if you don't.


Be open-minded when it comes to networking. Make friends. Establish connections. Just don't do it too much to run the risk of looking like a desperate sycophant, of course. Keep learning about your goal and searching for various ways to get closer to it. You don't need to take just one path. Explore other possibilities and expand your horizons. Who knows, you might find, along the way, that there are more important and more urgent goals that need to me reached.


The bottomline is, be original and don't follow a template. What may work for your colleague when he got a promotion might not be the proper route for you. All these sound like a very rigorous process, but it's really not. You will find, as you trudge through that realistic path you laid out, that everything can actually occur naturally and seamlessly.


Internal and External Barriers


Both internal and external barriers impede a person's ability to take the first step towards a goal. Internal barriers include your fears. Fear of the unknown, the fear of looking stupid, fear of failure, and even fear of actually living success are the common and will definitely create negative impact. Pushing all these fears out and telling yourself that you can win will definitely help you deal with them effectively. You are the captain of your ship. You alone have the power to will these negative thoughts away.


External barriers include the lack of money, the requests and petition of the family, your kids and your work, even religion and culture. Most of these barriers are things you can't really control towards your favor. Thus, like what life coaches usually say, don't worry about things you cannot control and focus only on those you can change. So grab a pen and make a list of what you want to achieve; and once you're done listing, take the first step. Go on, you can do it.