How to be a Fine Communicator with Someone New

How to be a Fine Communicator with Someone New in the Office



If you have been working for a long time, you will surely notice the influx of employees that have just been hired to join the company. You were probably told to give them a warm welcome especially if you will be closely working with that person in the future.


Here are some important tips.


  • When they reach your desk, greet them with a smile and give them a handshake. This will remove the awkwardness in the air so you can get down to business.


  • While working, you can inject some small talk into the conversation by asking where they have worked before or how they learned about the job opening. It’s possible that the two of you came from the same college and there is already a lot to talk about right there.  


  • If you don't think it is time yet to get very casual, just keep things professional until both of you feel comfortable. Should the time come that you think it is time to get to know them, always keep the conversation light and easy. It is only when you feel close that you can get into more sensitive issues like politics or religion.


  • Given that you and them will be working together everyday, find out what they like to be called and address them in that manner. This will make it easier to say “hi” to them while you meet in the hallway or outside the office.


  • Don't ever think that there will come a time when there is nothing to talk about. This is the reason that it pays to keep up with what is happening locally and around the world. Keep updated of the latest happenings simply by reading the newspaper or listening to the news.


The most important step to becoming a fine communicator with someone new in the office is knowing when it is time to talk or listen. You could say it is a “give and take” kind of thing because in the end, both sides gain something from it.