How to Be a Social Butterfly

How to Be a Social Butterfly


Imagine yourself being invited to a party by a close friend of yours.  By the invitation itself, you were already a bit hesitant to go because you don’t really like to attend social gatherings.  


However, you didn’t want to offend your friend that’s why you just agreed to go.  When you arrived at the party, you started to sweat and you started wishing that the ground open up and swallow you alive.  


What’s worse, your friend who invited you cannot really stay and chat for you all throughout the party since she also has to attend to other guests.  You are left sitting in one corner of the room, looking uncomfortable and pathetic.

Are you tired of being a wallflower?  Well, if you are, then it’s high time for you read this article so that you can bust out of your shell and fly high like a social butterfly.


Be Yourself

You don’t really have to be pretty, handsome, attractive, rich, famous, etc., to become a social butterfly.  All you have to be is yourself!  Yes, cliché as it may sound, the requirements that you need to become a social butterfly is to accept and be proud of yourself.

Pretending or acting like someone else won’t get you anywhere.  You’ll just get misinterpreted and loved or hated (yikes!) for what you are not.  When you go to a party, choose an outfit that makes you feel good yet at the same time comfortable.  


Don’t opt to wear something glamorous or flashy when you know that you will end up being fidgety and restless throughout the night.  It’s better for you to be comfortable with what you are wearing so that you can be more relaxed during the party.



You don’t have to smile all throughout the duration of the party or else, you’ll end up looking like a lunatic who is smiling for no reason at all.  Learn to smile at the right times and for sure, you will gain a lot of new friends at the end of the party.

So you ask, when is the right time to smile?  Well, you can smile whenever someone catches your eyes or makes eye contact with you.  Keep in mind that you are in a party so it doesn’t really matter if the person you smile at is a stranger or not.  Appearing to be friendly and approachable is one great way to make you become a social butterfly.