How to Be Happy About Your Current Weight

How to Be Happy About Your Current Weight



People hear everyday from magazines, television, the internet and countless people that losing weight is the key to happiness. We are endlessly bombarded by pictures of the “ideal figure” and the “ideal weight,” with the promises of shape-changing supplements and drugs and state-of-the art body-modifying surgical procedures. Yet people fail to ask themselves, “Is it really necessary?”


A famous teacher once said that true happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have. Since you were a child, you’d notice fat girls being teased by skinny girls and vice-versa. There seems to be no perfect weight and figure; so the only thing left to do is to be happy with who you are and admire the physical properties you were born with. Here are some tips on how to be happy about your current weight.


  • Assess yourself. Weigh yourself and try to think why you do not like the numbers that you see. Then look at the mirror and try to think again what you do not like in what you see. Ask yourself the question, “Is it really necessary?” Do you really want to go through intense starvation episodes, nauseating difficult exercises, or more drugs and surgery in order to be happy? Think again.


  • Accept that all individuals are different. Everyone has varying muscle and metabolism types, which explain why some people simply look different from others. Diet, lifestyle, exercise, and rest requirements vary from person to person; so you must need to learn which factors work best for you.


  • Reiterate your diet. Plan your recommended daily intake and consume foods rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals like fruits and vegetables. These will give you a healthy feeling, as well as nourish your entire system. Do not put yourself on instant diets that promise leading you to the perfect weight. Remember that true health must be as good on the inside as it is on the outside.


  • Do forms of physical activity. Find time to exercise and choose activities that you enjoy doing alone or with friends. It may be a sport, a short walk or preferring the stairs than the elevator. Exercise is very effective in reducing stress and boosting self-confidence.


  • Rest and sleep. Always recover and rejuvenate by having at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep during the night, and thirty minutes to an hour of nap at noon. Siestas are generally known to improve circulation and prevent cardiovascular and heart problems.


  • Relax and do some leisure activities. Socialize with other people, read a book or paint, as long as you enjoy doing it. Discuss your current health status with someone, but do not compare. You’ll realize that not very many are in their best shape but enjoy life through healthy habits and an optimistic attitude.


Ideal weight is not synonymous to good health. If you’re judging yourself only by what the numbers are saying or what you see outside, perhaps your judgment is only subjective and superficial. Several people in their ideal weight are truly unhealthy and sick. Your current weight might not be what the norms regard as ideal, but you know you’re healthy and you’re happy and content about it. True health is achieved only through a good lifestyle and social patterns, and not through fad diets and drugs.