How To Be The Best You Can Be

How To Be The Best You Can Be



The best you can be -– Everybody aspires for this.


What you think as your best might not be the best for somebody else. What might be the best for others may not necessarily be the best for you too. Confusing, right?


Being the best varies from one individual to another. Being the best depends on perception.


So how do you become the best that you want to be? Good habits can lead you to your best. Your effort must be energized and directed to attain this one single aspiration.


Science can provide us with an explanation on this. The human brain undergoes a selective absorption process. Part of the human brain is a system of interconnected cells that are responsible for absorbing only incoming information that you want to accept via your senses. It is like a strainer collecting data for your brain. These cells take in only information you are interested in and dispose unwanted or nuisance information. Retained information is then processed to become part of you, which eventually become part of your habits.


For instance, your breakfast will not be complete without a cup of black coffee. Even if you have bacon, eggs, hash browns in the morning, breakfast would not be complete without a cup of black coffee to cap it off. You do not feel complete and satisfied the whole day because something is missing early on. Even if you have nothing else but black coffee, you consider your day complete as far as you are concerned. This habit is part of you. Without this particular habit, you are not you.


Your habit makes you what you are. Bad habits are inclined to drag you to failure. The opposite can be true. Good habits lead you to success and will reap rewards that you deserve.


When you eliminate a bad habit, you actually create a vacuum within you. What used to be a bad habit isn’t there anymore. The likelihood of the bad habit being replaced by a different bad habit is a possibility.


This makes it imperative that the eliminated bad habit be replaced by a habit geared towards a good one. In essence, you have to keep on repeating the new good habit until it becomes an integral part of you. The secret is practice. Keep on doing the new habit. You will notice a tremendous change in you to be the best you can be.


Practice makes perfect. If you are a lousy dancer, try to visualize yourself as a graceful dancer. Keep doing this daily and you will be amazed of the improvements. What used to be farthest from your mind is now a part of you by way of practice.


Decide and commit to change your bad habits. Have a contract with yourself. If you enter into contracts with others, can’t you do the same thing to yourself? If you trust others to do their part of the contract, would you deny yourself this trust? Certainly, you deserve better treatment! Care for your own, by being strict to yourself. You are your own beneficiary anyway.


A habit can make or break you. Don’t be a slave to your bad habit. Counteract this by replacing it with one or more good ones that will bring the best out of you.