How to Become a Master of Persuasion

How to Become a Master of Persuasion in the World of Business



Closing the much-awaited deal of the century could become your worst nightmare if you do not have the necessary skills in persuading people.


In every business transaction, there should always be two options:  either you use your powers of persuasion to convince others or they convince you to help them. It is always one or the other.


To begin the lesson on being the master of persuasion, you must first be highly motivated. Motivation is the driving force that keeps you going.


So, what drives you? Is it building a home for your loved ones? Is it a brand new car? Is it fame or money, status or success? Upon knowing what drives you, you become more enthusiastic in what you do. Enthusiasm is highly contagious.


The next step is to know what motivates other people. The two known chief motivations of all human beings are the following: the want for gain and pain of loss. It could be the desire for money, security, status, or it could also be the fear of losing loved ones, health, or jobs. The fear loss is stronger than wanting something.


To be able to distinguish what a person cares about most, be ready to ask questions before meeting up with a potential client. Always remember that they are driven only by their motive, so work on learning what they want and not what you want.


The third thing to remember is to know how to sell the future. After knowing what the clients’ motivations are, the next thing to know is what their needs are for the future. Dwell on their desires and dreams and capitalize on them.


Take charge of the conversation from the onset. Deliver your purpose right away, with no hidden agenda, and be sure to listen for sales clues. Take charge and control the conversation but do not manipulate.


Know and believe in what you are selling. If you must, use the product that you are trying to endorse and pitch sales by just testifying on the benefits of the goods. When you personally believe in what you are saying, you appear to be more enthusiastic about what you are trying to deliver.


Have your rebuttals ready. There are bound to be rejections of your sales proposal but be able to counter each one of them. Be able to read body language. A simple nod or shake of the head would mean the success or failure of your sales pitch.


Have good communication skills. A slurring sales representative is less effective than a salesperson with a well-modulated voice. Listen, listen, and listen.


Above all, be willing to help your client. It would be futile to market a product that you are just selling because of the commission. If you are out there to sell your product for the benefit of your buyers, then you are sure to close many deals.


There is a very thin line between success and failure. In the world of business, sometimes the persuasion skill makes the big difference. So would you rather be a part of mediocrity or would you rise above the obstacles and be the best master persuader? The choice is, of course, yours to make.