How to Become Inspired to Be Creative

How to Become Inspired to Be Creative



Many people aspire to become creative, or at the most enhance their creative streak. But they do not know how to go about this. Well, research has indicated that it is not enough to have a certain talent (or “genius”) – you must also have the inclination to be dedicated and persistent at honing that talent. So those people who seem to be fountains of creativity actually have to work hard at being creative.


What then should be done if you want to enhance your creativity?


First, make a comprehensive definition of the problem at hand, if it is possible. This opens up a world of possibilities for you (rather than confining yourself to a narrow definition of the problem which would restrict the possible answers you could come up with.)


Second, if you want to be creative, then develop an atmosphere of creativity. This means hanging around creativity-minded individuals. There is proof that creative people react in unique, natural and inventive ways when they are surrounded by like-minded people. This principle is the foundation of teaching music, dance and theater.


Next, permit yourself time to cocoon yourself in the problem. Do not try to pressure yourself to solve a problem since this makes the well of inspiration run dry after a couple of tries. Do another task if you feel up to it then turn back to the original problem. You will find that you will be more up to the task than if you had forced yourself at the beginning.


Fourth, try to get a range of input instead of focusing on what seems logical at the time. Creativity does demand a diverse range of thought so try to look for more areas of mental input than what you commonly would seek. Acting this way may release a geyser of new ideas.


Fifth, seek comparisons between the new problem and previous problems. You may find that the new problem seems to be a lot like the old problems you came across before.


Last, try not to evaluate the answers you come up with until you have exhausted the range of ideas and solutions that crop up. When your first concern is whether the solution is apt, your creativity tends to be inhibited.


What will probably happen if you follow this list of suggestions is that you will come up with various solutions to your problem. Some will be rather offbeat while others are pretty standard fare. The important thing is that you let the well of creativity overflow so that you will have more choices to pick an answer from.