How To Boost Your Learning Process

How to Boost Your Learning Process



Accelerated learning is a no misnomer. Yet many people are confused with what accelerated learning has to offer.


Since the discovery of the human brain, many concepts, techniques, and strategies have been studied and created in order to understand its basic function and operation. Series of new technologies were, likewise, sought and structured in order to provide the brain with more ways that will help maximize its potential.


For this reason, Colin Rose deemed it better to create a learning strategy that will best suit every human being’s learning style. Rose is just one of the many people who realize that it is important to create a substantial learning process in order to facilitate the time and effort needed in learning.


Accelerated learning was created to transform and develop the conventional way of learning. Experts in accelerated learning contend that learning naturally would be the most effective way to gain knowledge of the world. And since it is natural, it becomes simpler and less complicated.


On its basic context, accelerated learning is a chain of different methods that seeks to improve the “learning process.” It is a product of numerous research and countless findings that were all collaborated into one simple approach that will help people understand the real operations of the brain.


Numerous researches have proven that an individual does not have a permanent solitary IQ or intelligence quotient. In reality, each one of us has a variety of IQs, about 7 or more typical types of intelligence.


As an individual grows and learns many things, his brain tends to develop only some of these variations of intelligence, thereby, preferring them more than the others. This constitutes the “learning style” of a person.


However, you cannot simply say that your learning style matches the kind of learning process that is being taught in school, at home, or in your environment. Hence, learning becomes complicated.


With this, experts believe that if people are taught in ways that will match their personal interests, chances are, it will be easier for them to learn. This is where accelerated learning is focused on. And with its term, “accelerated,” it simply goes to show that when people like the way they learn, the process becomes easier and hastened.


There are many ways to achieve accelerated learning. It uses a variety of activities that will cater to your interests and the ways you want to learn things.


Develop Good Reading Techniques.


The effective reader has a purpose for reading, for taking time to go through the reading process. The more definite the purpose, the more effective the reading. Just as a purpose controls the way you drive through the country or rush to a hospital emergency room, a purpose controls the way you read. Having a goal to reach means eliminating distractions that would not help you achieve that goal.


If to read is to understand, the reading method used to achieve the reader’s purpose will be determined by the type of material and its difficulty. A book in biology will not be read at the same speed as a novel, even by a biologist. And the same biologist will use a different reading technique for a sports column; he will read with versatility.


The point here is that in order to achieve accelerated learning, it is important to read in the best possible manner, with the least waste of time, and understand each word that has reached your eyes.


Know the Different Styles of Learning.


There are basically “eight styles of learning.” Each style is committed to guarantee maximum efficiency, preservation, and input of the information that will help you achieve accelerated learning.


These different styles of learning — kinaesthetic, musical, visual, logical, interpersonal, naturalist, linguistic, and intrapersonal — are all inclined to touch your different intelligences, hence, making you achieve accelerated learning easier and faster.


All of these things will help you reach and develop accelerated learning. Once you have them, getting a college diploma is a breeze.